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It is Time

Posted on September 3rd, 2009 by Matt Brattin

I didn’t plan on ending the blog this way, although I should have known better. As the end of the MBA came and went I found myself slow to grasp the fast moving reality that the glorious days of being an MBA student in Barcelona were coming to an end. Not only was my life as a student being processed into memory, but I was wandering in a blissful daze through what will likely be my final month-long journey through Europe for some time. My graduation trip came and went faster than I could believe, and it seemed like the night I drifted off to sleep after an exhausting ceremony (and celebratory festivities, of course) I awoke to find myself boarding a plane westward bound for California€¦it was all over.

Indeed, it was all over and despite all the photographic evidence of my post-graduation journeys through Milan, Florence, Naples, Pompeii and Venice, Italy; Prague, Czech Republic; Cologne, Germany; and Montserrat, Palma de Mallorca and San Sebastian, Spain, my recollection of these visits is more dream-like than anything.

It has been a sad reality, accepting that the MBA is now no longer something I am in the midst of, but something I can only look back on. At the same time, though, I recognize that, much like my undergrad experience abroad, these last 18+ months have truly changed me. Every place I have seen, every person I have met and every single thing that I have done €“ all of it €“ has made some impact in my life and has altered, at least a little, the way I see and experience the world around me. Ultimately, this is why I chose to pursue my MBA at ESADE in Barcelona, Spain, and I can honestly say now, after the fact, that this was the second best decision I have ever made (the first being the decision to propose to my wonderful wife) and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

I am now in the process of being re-integrated into the realm of normalcy, and I am thankful every day for being blessed with the opportunity I was given in the job I accepted. I am now a Financial Analyst working in the travel industry, actually, and I fully believe it was my experiences at ESADE that set me apart and opened the door to this next chapter of my life.

Thank you to everyone who has asked questions or followed at least some bit of my tale. Lastly, I must give an extra special thank you to all the people at for creating the video travel contest, choosing me as your first winner and ultimately providing this blog space for me to share my story €“ Thank You All!!

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