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Italian Lesson #3 Buon Capodanno – Happy New Year!

Posted on January 5th, 2010 by Sandy Florez

Ten years ago I anxiously stood next to my parents on New Year’s Eve of Y2K and wondered if the end of the world all came down to a 10 second countdown.

Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One… Nothing.

Ten years later and I’m glad to say things have changed. I am now an adult, (or some variation of) and instead of being absolutely terrified that the world will come crumbling down, I find myself anxious to see what it has to offer me.

I’m not sure what it is about this time of year that makes me so excited. The last few seconds before the confetti is thrown in the air and cheers and hugs are exchanged, I feel an intense rush of adrenaline. A new year, a new start, a new opportunity to catch up on old resolutions. Then there is this quiet but powerful voice that lingers in the background: But will you actually make this one count?

While my old resolutions were feasible goals such as pass College Algebra, get a gym membership, stop watching reality television (okay, maybe not entirely feasible), my goals for 2010 are a little more vague but a whole lot more meaningful.

1.    Learn Italian €“ I have had Rosetta Stone Italian sitting on my desk for 2 months now. While it has made a great coaster, it will probably be much more useful for getting me around this summer and saving my Italian professors several eye brow raises. What excuse will I have not to? After all, I will be living amongst the best teachers for six weeks €“ locals. Who knows, maybe I’ll ring in 2011 a little differently €“ Dieci, Nove, Otto, Sette, Sei, Cinque, Quattro, Tre, Due, Uno!

2.    Learn to cook €“ How am I ever going to survive six weeks in Italy if I don’t know how to whip up some pasta? Through my late-night research, I’ve read the same thing over and over again: as a student in Italy, splurging on expensive Italian restaurants is not the way to go. Besides, the true authentic Italian taste will always come from your rusty old student apartment stove.

3.    Stop Saying No, Start Saying Yes €“ One day, when I look back at this time in my life and all the wondrous opportunities that keep knocking my way, I’m going to regret all the times I’ve said no. No to watching that terribly reviewed movie with that terribly awesome friend. No to staying out late because I have to wake up early for work. No to trying that yoga class in an inexplicable attempt to go against the grain. No to taking a train to Florence with those guys we just met. And if you really think about it, yes in Italian just has a better ring. Si? Si!

It’s bittersweet parting with 2009. It has been a year to remember for more reasons than I can count. But according to astrology, 2010 is the year of the Pisces (I’m a Pisces) and because of some once in a blue moon (literally, I think) phenomenon, this year is destined to be a great one. So while 2010 has big shoes to fill, I have a feeling it won’t disappoint.

Buon Capodanno,


9 Responses to “Italian Lesson #3 Buon Capodanno – Happy New Year!”

  1. Wesley Says:

    Ciao Sandy!!

    I no longer say “Next year will be awesome” it’s now “This year will be awesome!!!!” And that’s truly awesome! Perugia is a great place to be in the summer, Though i strongly suggest that you pick up that Rosetta Stone… Subito!

  2. KC Says:

    Somehow the Nattie Light really makes the pasta look awesome – yum!

  3. Sandy Florez Says:

    Wesley – “non vedo l’ora!” Look out for Italian Lesson #4 L’itinerario (coming soon!) You might want to join Deb and I on a few of our stops 🙂

    Keith – natural lights are a bang for your euro! Plus, I’m sure they’ll ease me through my first attempts at pasta making.

  4. Ileana Morales Says:

    Nice post, Sandy. I’m with you on the “say yes” resolution. We should let ourselves be surprised by taking every opportunity to go out!

  5. Sandy Florez Says:

    Thanks, Ileana! Absolutely. It’s like all those times we go out when we were really, really close not to and end up having a fantastic night. I like to think it’s the universe’s way of reminding us the importance of saying yes. Hope you’re saying yes to more amazing internships in 2010!

  6. Alex Says:

    Sorry for my late reply)))
    yeap, it’s a cool thing to say “yes” on every attractive and awesome kind of action..!!!
    never say ‘No” if u have doubt, there is only “YES”)))
    good luck!!!

  7. Chloe Says:

    What a fantastic blog 🙂 If you would like to share your experiences on a website dedicated to students going abroad, then drop me an email
    Chloe x

  8. du hoc uc Says:

    Nice post, Sandy. I’m with you on the “say yes” resolution. We should let ourselves be surprised by taking every opportunity to go out!

  9. Dave Says:

    Everything I was going to say was overshadowed by the sight of true Italian pasta! How is your Italian coming along, Sandy?

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