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Italian Lesson #4 Mamma Mia – My Goodness!

Posted on February 7th, 2010 by Sandy Florez

Ciao amici! Now that 2010 is well under way, I have been keeping busy with the monotonous routine of school and work. The great thing about writing an extensive analysis of Jack London’s The Mexican is that in my moments of writer’s block I get to drift into thoughts about the summer that awaits me. I kind of can’t even imagine what life was like when I didn’t have something like this to look forward to. How does everyone do it? I mean, without having the prospect of doing something this exciting€¦ well, life just seems a little boring.

Anyway, I have been enjoying watching the euro plummet. While European bank systems feel like doomsday is approaching, as a student traveler I feel like it’s Christmas morning. I have been constantly searching airfare deals. Back in November, when I won the contest, flights were actually the cost of my grand prize! Mamma mia! But as the days go by, airline summer deals are slowly surfacing. Which means I should have my flight booked sometime this month.

Right now I’m in the back and forth and sometimes frustrating process of finding student housing. If all goes well, this should be figured out by next month and pictures of my future humble abode shall be posted. It’s truly amazing how far a little google search can take you – about 5,000 miles across the Atlantic to be exact.

Lately, it feels like the Universe is conspiring to constantly remind me of just about anything Italian. From the world’s (okay, maybe just mine) recent fascination with MTV’s Jersey Shore Italian guidos to the Sicilian kid that sits next to me in my Communication Theory class  and has the cutest accent ever, to romantic comedies called “When in Rome”.  Maybe it’s just a string of coincidences. Whatever it is, I’m not complaining.

Also, want to know all the latest information for International Student travel? There’s an app for that! No, really. This fine website has made their little nook on the cyber smart phone realm. You’re just a few finger taps from all the information offered on the site and you’ll have instant access to my blog! So just search The International Student on your app store.

Then I found this awesome app for my iPhone:

Mamma mia,


5 Responses to “Italian Lesson #4 Mamma Mia – My Goodness!”

  1. brooke Says:

    Hi my names Brooke I’m 16 and in 10th grade. I dream of going to Italy but can not afford it so I am working on getting scholarships, I have found a few sites but it would be great to know how you went around making it possible for you, I too think how is it possible that other kids don’t try to be an exchange student, its one of the only things i have to look forward to in my high school years.

  2. 房屋仲介 Says:

    With the date speak!

  3. Mathew Says:

    I did my masters being an international student and it was a great experience. Love the study abroad concept!

  4. Gugu Says:

    Hi, i have passion to do my MBA at the United Kingdom, but i don t have enough money for flights, acomodation. Please help me

  5. Ashlin Dz W Says:

    I know the feeling of searching for housing in a new country. It can seem like it will never end. Traveling from place to place.

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