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Italian Lesson #12 Le piccole cose – The little things

Posted on July 21st, 2010 by Sandy Florez

Some afternoons, I sit on the steps of San Lorenzo, with a book in one hand and a gelato on the other. In front of me, a Great Dane quietly sits next to it’s owner, while some kids toss a soccer ball back and  forth to my right. I see one of my classmates from afar, taking a stroll with an Italian boy she had told me about. I think  his name was Niccolo. Anyway, I’ve never seen her smile so big. It’s a sunny day in Perugia but the cool breeze alleviates the stings of heat on my skin.  It’s these little things, le piccole cose, that make up most of the in between. I’m not complaining.

5 Responses to “Italian Lesson #12 Le piccole cose – The little things”

  1. Rick Says:


    I see that no one has commented on your posts in awhile, so I’ll leave one here out of sympathy. 😉 I love your pictures and I hope you’re having a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see you when you get back and hear all your stories. Tell Ilsa I say hello. I miss you. Be safe.


    I’m commenting on a post titled ‘The Little Things.’ Ironic, huh?

  2. Danny Says:

    Is that like a buy a bunch and get one gelato free card? I hope you made it to the free one!

  3. volunteer abroad Says:

    I’m so jealous, I miss Italy so much. I’ve been reading your posts and your pictures look amazing. I use to love just sitting out in the sun people watching. Its just nice to soak in all of the your surroundings.
    Anyways, hope you enjoy your travels
    Keep up the good post

  4. May Says:

    I never have a chance to go abroad.But Italy is a beautiful country, hope you have good time there.

  5. David Says:

    I just visited this blog and I am already in love with it . I am Italian and now I am studying in US.. sometimes it happens to think about Italy , what was it like to live there , it feels like it was a life ago ..And you are so speaking the truth , what I miss the most are the people who live there , not the food or anything else..the little things , the hours spent with my friends sipping coffe , talking about us in front of a beer enjoying just their simple company . I havent gotten to find that in Americans , if I will ever find it but I am doubtful

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