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It’s the small things

Posted on February 15th, 2012 by Jonathan Moore

I usually have videos to go along with these, but just consider this a rant more than a blog post.

It’s the small things that change when you go somewhere new. Instead of Lay’s Potato Chips, it’s Walkers Potato Crisps. Instead of parking lot, it’s car park. Instead of the steering wheel being on the left and driving on the right, the wheel is on right and driving on the left. It’s not sidewalk, it’s the pavement, and a fag is not a negative term for a homosexual, but short for cigarette. Your dudes are your mates, things aren’t awesome they are proper good. Classes aren’t fifty minutes three times a week, rather once a week for three hours. Professors are lecturers. There is no Kool-Aid, but there is Vimto. You don’t say cheers only when you drink. Apartments are flats, the houses and cars are more compact, there are no SUV’S chugging gasoline at a terrible rate. No one say’s Evening governor. Which I’m totally fine with and didn’t believe to begin with. People often ask me the differences between here and being back home in America, but they are so small that I have to sit down and type them out to really begin to notice. I can’t complain, I feel I’ve adjusted well to all of these new things. I’m truly lucky to have this time in England, the massive amount of people I’ve met will hopefully be friendships I cherish for the rest of my life. It’s only February, let the good times roll.

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