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“El fin del mundo”

Posted on January 2nd, 2013 by Alberto García Ballesteros

Ok, I was going to post this the 21st but, as I had to move from Colima to Mexico DF, I didn’t have time nor internet connection :s

(the song is actually about drug lords (“narco corrido”) but hey…at the end they mention the “end of the world”)

The world didn’t end but my exchange in Colima did, so it’s been a unique end of the year. I’m here in Mexico DF with a completely different weather and trying to adapt to the pace of this massive city. Next week I start my course in the Ibero-American University of Mexico; it’s actually a really good private university and I’m really lucky to come as an exchange student here because I don’t need to pay their extremely high fees. I chose it for several reasons, the first I must admit it’s related with the recent political involvement of it’s students during the presidential elections, in this university originated a fresh and promising movement called “#yo soy 132” (“I am 132”) struggling for the democratization of the country and specially the media. Secondly I was looking for quality international studies here in Mexico and, even if the UNAM is one of the most prestigious institutions in the spanish speaking world they don’t shine so much in that branch of political studies. I also wanted to experience living in this city because it has a great cultural life and so much to see. And last but not least, one of my brothers lives here and I never got the chance to live in the SAME COUNTRY AS HIM :S , so not only will we spend some great time together but, as he is a filmmaker, he will help me to film my first ultra low budget (no budget would be the term…) feature film before I go back to Spain 🙂 I’m starting my script right now and as soon as I finish the project I will focus 100% on it, I will let you know.

So Eszter and me, we spent this Christmas with the family of my brother’s mexican girlfriend, enjoying all kind of delicious mexican meals. Pozole, Tacos (de pata, de carne con romero, frijoles…), Mole, Tequila, Mezcal… I can’t complain…

Anyway, december wasn’t very productive, I was really busy moving out and arranging the papers for my university in Spain, and I couldn’t reach the schools I wanted for my project because of holidays. Now I’m staying with my brother but I hope as soon as I find a place to rent and I start my lessons I will be able to arrange everything. I even tried to film an “episode” of a fake turkish series I want to make every time I visit a new country, but I could only shoot one scene :s This idea started 2 years ago when I arrived home (Turkey at that time) back from volunteering in Palestine, I started to shave my “mullah” kind of beard jajaja and I thought I should film something that same morning, so, I borrowed the camera of a friend and this was the result:

…and this are stills of what we started to film this december:

Secuencia 01.Imagen fija001 Secuencia 01.Imagen fija002

This Sunday I’ll just post some pictures of the time I spent in Colima, so this blog can have a fresh start with me in the Iberoamerican University.


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