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“Mi buena suerte”

Posted on January 25th, 2013 by Alberto García Ballesteros

Well, I’ve been really busy finding a place near the university, arranging my new lessons and so on. I was living 2 hours away from the university, now it takes me 10 minutes to arrive. “Mi buena suerte” (My good luck) Yes, indeed, I’m quiet pleased with this new semester.

I managed to arrange my “learning agreements” and get the opportunity to assist to great courses:  “International Organizations and Negotiation” (in english), Middle East and Africa, Social Theory and Communication, Social Problems in Mexico, International Cooperation and Film Scriptwriting workshop. Yes, scriptwriting! The first time I’m actually taking a film lesson and I managed to get it accepted by my department in Spain.

Anyway I’m also pleased by the great facilities of this university, it has one of the biggest libraries in Latinamerica (if not the biggest) including a bunch of unique historical documents from Porfirio Diaz, the mexican revolution… And, even if it is a religious university (founded by the jesuits) the eduction is strictly secular and it’s private, so the fact that there is a church inside the campus doesn’t annoy me.

Concerning the project, Eszter and me are probably going to travel to the Mexico-Belize border the first days of February, I can’t miss my lessons so we’ll spend few days there (going there by bus is 22h one way…) trying to arrange the first school. Here I’m getting to know people from all around Mexico that will hopefully help me.

Ok, even if I had these financial, bureaucratic and academic issues in Colima I must admit that I was also lucky and, as I forgot to share pics from the first semester, here they go (some highlights only):


I didn’t take pictures from my faculty, but I found these. The first one is from my chinese lesson and the other one shows my surprise birthday gift, yes: eggs (I was complaining about how their prize is raising here in Mexico and they were thoughtful enough to buy for me jaja).


Ok, this picture was taken our last day in Colima. We needed a picture with one of the greatest and more misunderstood sculptures I’ve ever seen. It’s called “El hombre obsceno” (The obscene man) and it was a gift to Colima from one of the most famous recent artists in Mexico. Everyone hates it!!!!! But I love it!!!


These are from Manzanillo, the other big city from Colima state, it is actually much nicer, and its next to the sea 🙂
(yeah, I didn’t find now my pictures from Colima city I’ll check later)

Ok, the rest of the pictures were taken during our only trip this first semester, we were hitchhiking half of the way which is not the greatest thing to do in Mexico (specially Michoacán). Yes, we went to Michoacán to witness the “Noche de muertos” (Night of the dead) celebration!!!!! We went to Pátzcuaro, Janitzio and Tzintzuntzan (yes, not the easiest ones to pronounce!).


Here we were in Janitzio which is a small island in a big lake called Pátzcuaro lake. It’s a beautiful and colorful little indigenous fishermen community. They actually speak in “purépecha” and have a funny accent in spanish. But it’s not a good place to visit during the “Night of the dead” because even if it’s a magical experience it get’s soooooo crowded, filled with disrespectful tourists.



And of course the skeletons are everywhere, specially Catrina, the elegant skeleton woman with the big hat!



Here we can see how incredible is this night. The families of the dead spend the night in the cemetery lighting candles and accompanying them. Ir’s quiet magical when they start to sing at midnight!
And well, that’s me eating the typical sugar skull (calaverita de azúcar).

Finally, I can’t skip this pic from a costume party: Eszter was Frida Kahlo and I was Trotsky 🙂


Chau! 🙂

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