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“Tres veces mojado”

Posted on June 8th, 2013 by Alberto García Ballesteros

Ok, now Tigres del Norte is the perfect soundtrack for this posts and those that will follow.

After many many problems, my new project is on the way.



This project focuses on one thing: creating ties between people through art.

It will take place in three different cities of Mexico, Tapachula, Huehuetoca and Saltillo, following the route of “La Bestia”/”The Beast” (the train that migrants from central america take to arrive to the US border). We will carry out a workshop in a school in each of these places. The school is in the same area as a migrant shelter. During the workshop a fellow volunteer that works with migrants will explain kids about their situation, after that we will proceed to teach them drawing techniques and specially graphic techniques (engraving). With the new tools acquired we will encourage them to do a small engraving each with a message for an anonymous migrant. Finally we will give them several essential products for the migrants (socks, toothpaste, bottle of water…) and each one of them will arrange a backpack with those products and the engraving with the message.

After all this we will go to the shelter and give a backpack to each migrant, showing and telling them how the kids did it.

This will be done in each city, later on Eszter and me, we will organize and exhibition with the copies of the kids works, a “making of” video and a series of engravings done by Eszter portraying migrants life and this experience.


It was impossible to contact the shelters because of violence, and the bureaucracy to arrange workshops in schools is incredibly slow. Anyway, we are almost there. For the moment I leave you with some pictures of our visits to the shelter in Huehuetoca.

DSC_0987 DSC_0957 DSC_0949 DSC_0942


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