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International Student
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Meet Sprintax

You came to the US to study, not to spend countless hours navigating US tax laws (unless that's your program). To let you focus on what matters, we’ve teamed up with Sprintax to look after your tax return from start to finish.

Should You File a Return?

As an international student, you are generally classified as a ‘Non Resident Alien’ under US tax law and you need to file an annual tax return (Form 1040NR) along with your Form 8843. If you haven’t worked or received funding, you still need to complete Form 8843. Sprintax can help with both.

Have you:

  • worked in the US?
  • received a grant?
  • received an allowance?
  • received a stipend?

If you have, then you have to file a US tax return. Sprintax can help you determine what you need to file, avoid IRS penalties and fines by preparing a timely and accurate return, meet the tax obligations of your academic visa, and where relevant, maximize your tax refund.

Still unsure if you need to file? Read our tax FAQs for more detailed information about forms and filing for international students.

About the Service

Sprintax was created specifically for international students, scholars, teachers and researchers in the US on F, J, M and Q visas, to demystify tax preparation and make sure they are fully compliant with the IRS.

Sprintax is an easy-to-use, step-by-step tool that helps you prepare your taxes online, hassle-free. Just follow the simple instructions, answer a few questions, and Sprintax will do the rest.

Last year Sprintax helped almost 100,000 international students with their IRS tax obligations. On average it found that almost 90% of those that had a Federal filing requirement got a tax refund- with an average refund of about $1,100.


State return before March 1st $35.95
State return after March 1st $39.95
Federal return $51.95
Form 8843 $19.95
Amended return $79.95

Get Help From Sprintax

To get started click the button below. From there you can create an account with Sprintax and start getting the help you need to complete your forms. You will then need to print, sign and mail them to the IRS.

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