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International students are finding that a degree in engineering is quite a valuable asset. A college degree opens the door for many careers in engineering. One question students must ask themselves: which path do they want to follow?

Depending on the international student’s exact engineering discipline, there are numerous opportunities for jobs in engineering. Each engineering discipline offers different aspects that separate it from the others. This article will discuss the primary career options when it comes to a future career in engineering including mechanical, computer and civil engineering:

Careers in Mechanical Engineering

International students find mechanical engineering to be the most popular field in engineering. Mechanical engineering deals with the manufacturing and designing of machines while also improving the mechanics of existing machinery. Because the field is so broad, the potential jobs in engineering are limitless. Some mechanical engineers go on to work in aeronautics or aerospace architecture and design. Others go into the biomedical or automotive engineering working on complex systems and designing new technologies. Some international students enter the market as material or manufacturing engineers. Rounding out the selection of careers include positions in research engineering, sales, and technical writing.

Careers in Computer Engineering

The market for careers in engineering for computer engineering students has never been better. Computer engineering students work with a range of systems from integrated circuits to programming to computer and communication systems. Computer engineers are needed for a variety of positions throughout a number of companies, and thus the outlook for jobs in engineering is superb. Computer engineering students can work as aviation electronics engineers, computer systems analysts, and cable and protection engineers. Many careers focus on computer components like computer engineers, computer programming, and computer design and applications engineering. Engineers can also work in drafting and design, an industry that is quickly growing. Other positions include testing, research, and careers in systems and software engineering.

These positions are employed by a slew of different industries. Graduates with degrees in computer engineering can expect to work for aircraft industries, transportation companies, software and computing companies, engineering firms, construction firms, manufacturing companies and even pharmaceutical companies. For positions in research, employers include colleges and universities as well as research facilities.

Careers in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is also one of the most popular disciplines in engineering. Civil engineers focus on the design and construction of infrastructure, bridges, building and universities. The field is very rewarding, granting engineers the opportunity to improve the quality of life for many people, show efficiency and create beautiful works of architecture. Some examples of potential careers for civil engineers include construction managers, airport project manager, production engineer, cartographer and projects engineer. Many engineers choose to work on infrastructure projects by working in positions like highway designer and drafter, public utilities manager, railroad engineer, construction equipment designer, urban planner, environmental engineer and water plant engineer.

The potential companies for civil engineering are vast. International students can work with architectural and construction companies, manufacturing and engineering firms, environmental organizations, consulting firms, public utilities, research facilities and even in the automotive sector. Many international students choose to work for their home governments who have a strong record of employing top civil engineering students. Recently, the US government has allocated a large portion of fund for the purpose of creating and improving existing infrastructure. Some US governmental agencies that do a lot of hiring include The Army Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Department of State, The Department of Transportation, The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Federal Highway Administration, The US Forest Service, The US Geological Survey, and US Navy. In addition to these agencies, international students take the lessons they learn from gaining a degree in civil engineering and apply them to projects in their home nation.

A career in engineering is very rewarding for international students no matter where their travels take them as they will be instrumental to improving technology, sanitation, infrastructure, and the overall quality of life for people around the world.

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