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A big decision for international students looking to obtain a college education is where to study engineering in the United States. The United States is a large country with several different regions, each containing some top schools in engineering. International students should take the time to do some research on where they will want to spend their time studying in the US.

The Northeast

Top Schools in Engineering

One of the best regions to study engineering is in the Northeast of the United States. The Northeast contains some of the top schools in engineering, many large cities with rich engineering industries and vibrant entertainment life.

Engineering Programs

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Featured Schools with Engineering Programs

Featured Schools with Engineering Programs

Of the top 15 engineering programs, 5 of the best schools are located in the Northeast. The first, MIT, is ranked as the number #1 overall engineering program in the United States. MIT is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is a great college town with a great engineering environment. MIT has some of the best facilities in the nation for engineering students, and international students will find that support from MIT’s international department will surely come in handy. In addition, MIT work closely with other universities throughout Cambridge, Boston, and the State of Massachusetts. In addition, Carnegie Mellon University is ranked among the top 5 engineering programs in the country. Carnegie Mellon is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has a great reputation of enrolling the very best international students. The university offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in engineering. The university is ranked as one of the best civil and mechanical engineering schools in the nation, and boasts a highly rated faculty as well.


International students looking for where to study engineering will find that the northeast has some of the best cities for engineering in the world. New York City employs some of the nation’s best engineers and is home to several engineering firm’s headquarters. In addition, the northeast is home to cities like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Boston. All of these cities house vibrant engineering industries and are home to some of America’s biggest companies. This is a great tool for international students graduating from top schools in engineering who are looking to start a career or obtain a challenging internship.

In addition, international students will find that the weather in the northeast United States allows for four seasons with beautiful winters and summers. The entertainment and culture of the northeast will allow students to have an incredible academic and cultural experience.

The Pacific-West

Top Schools in Engineering

Another great geographical region for international students to study is the coastal West, specifically in California. California is home to some of the tops schools in engineering including 6 of the top 15 engineering programs in the country. Some of these top schools include Stanford University, the University of California- Berkeley, the California Institute of Technology, the University of Southern California, the University of California- San Diego, and the University of California- Los Angeles (UCLA). The California universities have a reputation as having some of the best engineering education programs in the world. International students frequently flock to these universities for a number of reasons including the educational benefits. The schools enroll new international students each semester in their educational programs that thrive in the rich engineering environment?


A good question for international students to ask themselves is where to study engineering? Well they will not be disappointed in the offerings of California. The Western United States has large cities like Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and Seattle. All of these cities offer great prospects for engineering careers and internships. In addition, the entertainment and nightlife for international students is amazing and unparalleled. Los Angeles is the media capital of the world, and home to a thriving night life. International students are able to take advantage of California’s beautiful beaches, museums, theaters and restaurants. At the same time, California has some of the best weather in the entire world. Only in California can person surf on the sandy beaches and within an hour be snow skiing on one of the state’s beautiful mountains.

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