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Chemeketa Community College

Study in the USA at Chemeketa Community College

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About Chemeketa Community College

Chemeketa Community College is an exciting and diverse place to learn and grow. Students from all age groups and experiences with a wide variety of educational goals attend. Each year we serve about 120 international students from a variety of cultures, ethnicities and countries.

At Chemeketa, you can earn a transfer degree to a four-year university or obtain a two-year technical degree to begin a career. The most popular transfer programs include business, social sciences, and engineering.

Some of our outstanding two-year degree programs include computer electronics, graphic design, hospitality management, nursing, and viticulture, among many others.

Chemeketa offers an outstanding range of international student services and activities to help students get started, like orientation programs and housing assistance. Other services are designed to help students succeed, including academic tutoring, writing and math centers, drop-in advising, conversation tables, employment opportunities and clubs.

English and Professional Education

Chemeketa offers an intensive English program. The Language and Culture Institute offers English classes at your level, with students from many different countries of the world. A single class may have students from as many as 20 different countries, including those of South and Central America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Chemeketa's English department will help you develop good writing habits, critical thinking skills and reading comprehension proficiency. Most Chemeketa students will take English courses ranging from Introduction to Composition to advanced literature courses like Shakespeare and Early American Literature.

Chemeketa also offers to earn a transfer degree to a four-year university or obtain a two-year technical degree to begin a career. Popular transfer programs include business, social sciences, and engineering.

2015 Summer Intensive English Program!

Discover America's Pacific Wonderland! Improve your English and experience US Culture in Chemeketa's 2015 Summer Intensive English Program!

Learn about American language and culture this summer as you explore the US and Oregon and improve your English as a Second Language skills in a 5 week intensive session from July 29th through August 16th.

The application deadline for international students is May 1, 2015.


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