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International Student
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Central Connecticut State University Intensive Language Program

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International students who are non-native English speakers are typically required to provide evidence of their English abilities before they are admitted into a US college or university. «IELTS» provides a fair, accurate and reliable measure of language skills, and is trusted by organizations worldwide as a proof of English proficiency.

About Central Connecticut State University Intensive Language Program

As an integral component of fulfilling the mandate of Central Connecticut State University as a Center for Excellence in International Education, it is the mission of the Intensive English Language Program (IELP) to provide English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction in American English and an introduction to American culture. The IELP serves international students, non-native speakers of English residing in the U.S., faculty members from abroad, and foreign professionals.

CCSU IELP Philosophy and Approach

The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) employs an integrated, whole language approach to course design and instruction. Our primary goal is to enable students to learn English in a manner that will best prepare them for academic study in an environment where English is the language of instruction.

Because all skills are integrated into a natural environment, the curriculum has been designed to lead students through the stages of language acquisition by developing first fluency, then accuracy, and finally correctness in all skill areas.

Why Study at CCSU IELP?

The IELP offers English for Academic Purposes (EAP) to individuals who are seeking enrollment into American universities and facilitates the transition of these students into mainstream academic courses. For those not wishing to pursue academic study, the IELP provides ESL for the enrichment and the improvement of communicative competence. Furthermore, it furnishes ESL support to the Study Centers of the Center for International Education. English for Special Purposes (ESP) is offered at the IELP to meet the needs of businesses operating in the area and abroad.

  • Students start working towards their educational goals from Day 1, even in level 1!

  • Students work at their own pace! At the IELP, students can take as much time as they need or advance as quickly as they progress, even skipping levels, if they demonstrate proficiency.

  • The TOEFL exam is free and is offered three times per year for IELP students.

  • Don't pay money for unused textbooks! Students can study with an online curriculum you can access from anywhere in the world so that they never miss an assignment.

Cost of Attendance

Student Testimonials

"I have been in CCSU 8 months. I just can say it is so important for you which school you have chosen when you are going to be in a foreign country, because you are going to spend most of your time in the school. It is going to be like your home. We had really entertaining times in CCSU. Our works, activities, trips, and more--all of them were for us. But the most important part was the sincerity. It is so important to find somebody when you feel homesick around you."

  • Figen from Turkey

"I am going to say about IELP. I came 6 months ago during spring semester. Then this is semester is my second semester. I learned much grammar in IELP so I can use that in daily life. I feel glad at the result."

  • Ha Na from Korea

"English is a very important language. All people are learning English in my country. I want to learn English for business. All big corporations are working internationally. If you want to work for big corporations you should know English. IELP is a very good course for English."

  • Olgunay from Turkey

"IELP is very important for me because I need to work in USA. This course is very good and difficult. I’m learning English more and more every day. It is an immersion program in the English language and this is very, very efficient. I like and I recommend."

  • Silvana from Brazil

"Im an IELP student at CCSU. Im glad to be a student of CCSU. When I came here one year ago I didnt know any English words. After one year I learned a lot of English knowledge. Now Im also studying Engineering classes. If you study carefully and attentively, you can do it. This IELP program is very successful. The teachers are very caring and the school is comfortable. You should come."

  • Selda from Turkey


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