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International Sim Cards - Other Countries

As technology grows in the mobile phone market, we now see that most modern day mobile cell phones have the built in technology to work around the world (i.e. they are either tri or quad band GSM enabled). This means that you can use your phone in nearly every country when you travel to either work or study.

If you have a contract or even prepaid mobile phone in your home country, your current provider will most likely have agreements set up with other carriers around the world that will let you roam on their networks. This is great if you are traveling as you keep your current number, calls still come through to you and its very easy - however what you have to be aware of are the extremely high roaming costs that are involved when doing this!

To combat this, you can now purchase prepaid sim cards to countries all around the world. This will provide you with a local number in that country and all calls will be local calls when made from that sim in that country. This will eliminate any roaming charges you have and save you money!

You will still need to have an unlocked mobile phone - so please check with your provider beforehand to make sure your phone is unlocked. We then offer sim cards for the following countries:

If you do not see the country you are going to listed here, the you might want to consider the Global Sim Card which provides users with an international sim card that will allows you to receive free incoming calls in over 43 countries and coverage in a total of 91 countries.

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