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Individuals interested in a career in event management should determine exactly what type of work they are interested in; event management careers consist of organizing specific types of events which require different duties and responsibilities depending on the occasion.

An exhibition organizers responsibilities for example, normally include marketing and selling exhibition space or stands. They must also publicize the event to their target audience in order to attract attendees. A wedding planner, aside from reserving the venue and catering companies, is usually responsible for organizing the photographers and florists as well. Someone who works as a conference organizer will not only have to set up the event, but he or she will also have to coordinate with the guest speakers and reserve accommodations and transportation for them.

The hours of event management careers can vary depending on a person's specialty but most individuals in the business tend to have similar schedules; office hours are usually Monday through Friday but an event manager may also occasionally work evenings and weekends. The typical schedule consists of working the standard 9am to 5pm work day, but individuals may have to work extra hours if there is an upcoming event. Traveling can also be another aspect of a career in event management. For persons working with a national corporation, exhibition group, or product launch, their job can require them to organize events all over the country or in different parts of the world.

Some of the skills necessary to be a successful event manager include good time management and organizational skills. An event manager should also be outgoing, self-motivated, and enthusiastic. An individual will need to have good presentation and communication skills that will help them gain clients and establish productive relationships. Problem solving is a necessary skill in this business as problems will normally arise when organizing large events. An event manager must also have creative and innovative characteristics that can put him or her above the rest of the of the event managers in the area. Understanding the business side of event planning is also very important; being familiar with sales, marketing, and financial management are very useful assets in this field of work.

Lastly, the two biggest characteristics one needs in order to have a successful career in event management are having a good eye for detail and being able to work as part of a team. In the events business everything comes down to details; what people remember about the event and consequently what they will remember about you. The best way to get new projects is through positive recommendations and an impressive portfolio. Also, being able to work as part of a team is a necessary skill needed to organize a great event. Event managers will almost always work with a team no matter what type of events they organize. An event manager needs to be an efficient communicator and team player in order to produce the best event possible.

Event management careers are full of possibilities; international students can choose what type of events they would like to manage based on their personal interests. Event managers are encouraged to use their creativity to contribute to making their events impressive and unique. Some of the main skills and characteristics needed for this career include attention to detail, being a team player, an outgoing and enthusiastic attitude, and being very organized.

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