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The world of business is constantly evolving and as a result, schools are continuously integrating new areas of study within the field of business to fulfill the needs of students. One of those needs is the ability to thrive in the international business world. This is where global management degree programs come in. As companies start to conduct business on an international level more jobs are becoming available and the demand for global managers is on the rise. There are many schools in the US offering global management degree programs that will kickstart your career as a global manager, and we’re here to guide you in the right direction.

What is Global Management?

What exactly is global management? Global management is an international business practice in which a company or an organization utilizes its management team on an international level. International students should consider studying global management if they would like to consider pursuing an international career. A global manager oversees the sales, marketing, finances, hiring, etc. worldwide as opposed to just nationally. An example of a multinational company that requires a global manager is the consumer goods company, Proctor and Gamble. This company is headquartered in Ohio, USA, however, the company also operates out of many other countries around the world. This is just an example, but there are many other companies and organizations like Proctor and Gamble that hire global managers.

Careers in Global Management

Employment for those with a degree in global management has continued to increase in recent years and there are many different career paths that one can take with a degree in global management. It all depends on what your area of expertise is and what degree level you have obtained. The following table outlines four possible careers along with the typical degree requirement and salary of a professional holding that position.

Career Typical Degree Requirement Average Base Pay in 2019 (According to
Global Manager Bachelor’s, but Master’s often preferred $124,156/yr.
Management Analyst Bachelor’s $67,730/yr.
Marketing Manager Bachelor’s $82,011/yr.
Financial Analyst Bachelor’s $67,132/yr.

The good news is, if none of these careers interest you, this is just the tip of possible career choices with a degree in global management. Other possible job titles include Human Resources Manager, Brand Manager, and Executive. Plus, global management graduates are more likely to find a job quickly, because the possibilities reach a global level as opposed to a national level.

What to Expect While Earning Your Global Management Degree

As mentioned before, there are many U.S. schools that offer global management degree programs. The typical curriculum offered in a bachelor’s program and the typical curriculum offered in a master’s program varies. If you don’t yet have a business degree, but would like to obtain one, you’ll want to consider a bachelor’s degree program. During your undergraduate global management studies, you could take courses in intercultural communication, marketing, economics, organizational management, and strategy. Usually, global management bachelor’s programs can be completed in around four years. However, a lot of schools will allow students to accelerate the program in order to ensure an earlier graduation date. This is great for students because they can save and start making money faster. If you already have a degree in business, then you should consider enrolling in a graduate school to obtain your master’s degree in global management.

Having a master’s in global management can help you become a well-rounded business professional which is desirable to employers. However, since it is a broad area of study, it’s important to narrow your focus down to fit your career expectations. Make sure that you choose courses that align with your goals, but don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and broaden your skill set. With a degree in global management, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

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