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Is the threat of nuclear war viable? International students studying international affairs can answer that question and more as they learn how nations interact and respond to each other. International affairs gives students the opportunity to be global-minded with diverse perspectives on politics and business while helping make the world a better place to live for communities across the world.

Already, you are embracing a world of international affairs by living your day-to-day life. From the clothes you buy to the place you live, every action you take affects the world globally. Since the world can be affected by these simple choices, the importance of relating to countries across the globe is apparent in maintaining security and unity. Without international affairs, the rights and freedoms known to us today would be shaken.

What Is International Affairs?

International students who choose to study international affairs will learn about the relationships among countries and other communities around the world. They will seek to understand the way nations interact from the actions of other nations and learn more about the art of diplomacy. Students will learn how to communicate with an international community and will gain from that the passion to make the world better for other people. International affairs combines many fields and skills to decide what actions will be best for the global world.

Why Study International Affairs?

International affairs is rich in history and significance. At times, it tells a story of war. Others, a story of peace. Whatever the story, international students studying international affairs have the opportunity to see the world from a global perspective. Suddenly, poverty in America is no longer about America, and keeping peace in the nuclear age is completely plausible. In this multi-disciplinary field, politics, business, history, communications, economics, sociology, law, philosophy and other subject areas are intertwined into a single major, allowing students to stretch their mindset to an enlightened level and challenging their worldview with each new situation that arises.

What Programs are Available?

Most programs in international affairs will be in social sciences, so well-rounded skills will be developed during your studies. Writing, speech, research, analysis, critical thinking, and other skills will be helpful in providing the necessities for understanding the complexity of the world and seeing international issues from a diverse range of positions. Courses in the programs will most likely cover contemporary areas of politics, international security and foreign affairs. Since the field of international affairs is so global minded, many programs will offer and highly encourage studies abroad. Opportunities like these will help students further their understanding of how different cultures respond to situations. Other programs, such as The New School's graduate program in international affairs, not only offer studies abroad but are also located in a metropolis where different cultures thrive together in a condensed area. Since The New School is located in New York City, internships and hands-on learning with global-focused organizations around the city will give international students experience in a location devoted to international issues.

What Careers are Available in International Affairs?

Since international affairs is such a broad field, there are numerous career opportunities for students with a degree in this discipline. These careers focus around a global mindset and the ability to make decisions that will benefit communities. Some options for students studying international affairs are:

  • Archivist
  • Foreign Affairs Analyst
  • Diplomatic Corps
  • Intelligence and Risk Analyst
  • Demographer
  • Journalist
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Relief and Humanitarian Work
  • Immigration Specialist

International students studying international affairs may also work with the United Nations and other organizations working tightly with international business. With so many options of employment in an exciting and creative field that will challenge you to think beyond what you have been told, international affairs is an exciting degree program with thrilling opportunities. International students who study in this field will see the world with a viewpoint that can relate to people around the world.

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