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HTIR Work-Study in the USA, INC.

With the HTIR work-study in the US students save money in their first year because they can live at home for much less than what accommodations cost in the US. In their second year students will come to the US campus and have the legal right to off- campus paid employment until they graduate. Most affordable master degrees in the USA are combination programs consisting of:

  • Year 1: Online studies in your home country
  • Year 2: Work-study on campus in the US

HTIR Work-Study, Inc., is an American information and research corporation, founded by a U.S. immigration lawyer and has been the leading search and referral service for "work-while-you-study" master programs since 1996. Its mission is to conduct free searches for international candidates seeking to locate US universities that allow students to pursue a master’s degree while working in paid off-campus internship employment.

HTIR’s searches focus on locating master’s degree programs at accredited universities that:

  • Match the student's field of study and background
  • Allow internship employment during the day
  • Provide classes at the campus several evenings a week and/or on weekends
  • Allow internship employment from the beginning of their first semester
  • Allow students to continue employment during the approximate 2 years of their studies
  • Allow both part-time internship employment and some full-time employment
  • Allow students to pay for most of their tuition and fees in monthly installments
  • Ensure that the students are paid “American” wages for their internship employment

HTIR Work-Study, USA Requirements

If you’re interested in how to qualify for HTIR’s service of a free search for a master work-study university where you can take the first year online, and the second year of “work-and-earn-while-you-study” in the US, you must have the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree related to one of the available majors or concentrations listed below
  • English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS) or schooling where English was the medium of instruction

Majors and Concentrations Available at US Master Degree Work-Study Universities

Master of Business Administration with concentrations in the following fields:

  • General Business
  • Financial Management & Investment
  • General Management
  • Healthcare Management/Administration
  • Information Technology Project Management*
  • Digital Communication and Multimedia*
  • International Business
  • Management Information Systems
  • Organizational Management
  • e‐Business
  • Health Informatics Analysis*
  • Financial Management & Investment
  • Marking Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Statistics and Data Analysis*

Master of Science with concentrations in the following fields:

  • Information Technology*
  • International Business (GMAT required)
  • Computer Science*
  • Financial Management & Investment (GMAT required)

* Denotes STEM approved majors listed above.

Visa Interview Training with HTIR Work-Study

VISA Interview Training Prior to the Second Year

After work-study students have completed their first year of online classes in their home country, HTIR will provide professional visa training to assist them in getting ready for their visa interviews before visiting the US Consulate officer. This service is optional and not required to participate in the work-study program. Students who choose to participate in the training can participate over the phone or online through Skype with HTIR’s founder and owner, Dr. J. Fred Brandenfels, and his legal team. Dr. Brandenfels is an immigration lawyer who has counseled and trained more than 3,000 international students over the past 30 years, most of whom have been successful in getting their visas.

If the student chooses to take the HTIR Visa Preparation Training Course, a service fee of between $1,000 to $1,500 will be charged, depending on the country where the US consulate visa interview will be conducted. Any applicant who takes HTIR’s visa training and does not obtain a visa will not be charged HTIR’s fee.

Learn about how to apply for an F1 visa.

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