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Steps to Apply for CPT

There are a number of steps that you must follow to apply for CPT. This process might vary slightly from one college to the next but most have the same basic expectations.

  1. Speak to a student advisor at your university to find out more about the CPT programs available at your institution, the eligibility requirements, and potential employers. If you’re not yet an international student in the US consider going through a program like HTIR Work-Study.
  2. Take any college required CPT courses necessary to become an eligible candidate.
  3. Obtain a job offer letter on official letterhead from your employer. Universities typically have a list of specific information this letter should include, like the address where work will take place.
  4. Apply for the college-specific CPT program through your university. Note that authorization can take a few weeks, so plan ahead. Before beginning the application process make sure you have all requested documentation such as proof of class registration.
  5. You will receive a document (physical or by email) approving your application and outlining your CPT start and end date. Print, sign and make a copy of this document where required.
  6. Talk to your employer and send relevant documentation where required.
  7. Start the CPT program with your employer on the outlined start date.

Considerations before applying:

  • Eligibility — do you have an F1 visa and been enrolled in a full-time college program for at least one academic year?
  • You will only be permitted to work for the duration stated on your CPT approval documentation, exceeding this will breach the terms of your visa and college place.
  • Remember that individual college requirements may vary. Always check the CPT program requirements at your college before applying.

A Good Place to Start

HTIR Work-Study connects international students with universities that offer work study programs in their area of interest. HTIR works with several universities and has helped numerous students work as they pursue their degree.

If you’ve finished your undergraduate degree HTIR could help you find a graduate program that allows you to work as you pursue your studies. HTIR matches students with Work Study programs relevant to their field at a number of colleges in the US, helping students to gain professional experience and earn additional income.

HTIR Work Study benefits include the ability to start work during your first semester of studies, and receive a regular income. Additionally, HTIR takes the stress out of finding a relevant Work Study program as they match students like you with a program that fits your needs.

To be eligible for HTIR Work Study, USA, you must:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree
  • Be proficient in English
  • Intent to study: Management Information Systems, Marketing Management, Healthcare Leadership, Management, International Business, General Business, Finance Management and Investment, Human Resource Management
  • Have a sponsor or bank statement that shows proof of funding in the amount of $20,800 up to $32,000

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