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Benefits of Work Study CPT

earn money while studying

CPT is an opportunity for international students to earn extra money in US dollars, and to simultaneously get work experience in their field of study. Having work experience immediately after graduation is immeasurably valuable when searching for a job – not to mention international work experience.

Earn Money
Many Work Study CPT allow students to start working right away because the curriculum requires an internship in their first or second semester of study. That means that international students can begin working and earning money in US dollars. The wages paid are also equal to those paid to a US citizen doing the same role. After taxes, students can use their income to pay for their education needs, or for miscellaneous expenses as well.
Specialized Curriculum
Work Study CPT programs are specifically designed so that paid internships are required and are part of the entire degree program. Because of this, students have the unique opportunity to begin working in their first semester at school – unlike other programs which only offer CPT after a minimum of one year.
Work Experience
Working in the US can be invaluable no matter if you return to your home country or get sponsored on an H1B – or beyond. Working in the US helps improve your English fluency, business etiquette, and gain practical work experience in your field.
Improve Your Odds
Of Employment
Getting a job is no easy task, especially in today’s economy. Having a US degree can certainly help – and gaining valuable work experience will set you apart from your peers and show that you’ve got the knowledge and hands-on experience required for the job.

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