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CPT Restrictions

CPT, while a great opportunity for many students, does have restrictions that must be considered before embarking on a Work Study Program. Restrictions that international students might find off-putting include:

The restrictions that international students might find off-putting include:
  • You must have been enrolled in school full-time for one year on valid F1 status (except for graduate students where the program requires immediate CPT)
  • The CPT employment must be an integral part of your degree program or requirement for a course for which you receive academic credit
  • You must have received a job offer that qualifies before you submit your CPT authorization request
  • Your job offer must be in your major or field of study

These restrictions are inconvenient for international students who need work right away, or whose degree program does not require any type of practicum or internship. These CPT Work Study programs design courses and work with schools to ensure that you’ll meet all of these requirements to begin working upon arrival.

Fortunately, there are a number of schools and programs in the US that allow international students to begin work straight away, whether that work is in their field of study or not. These programs can be extremely helpful for students who are struggling financially.

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