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Application Process for a Communication Degree

International students seeking enrollment in a communications degree program will have to complete an application. This process is a fundamental platform in beginning almost any communication career. Though each school differs in regard to admission requirements, it is important to know what to expect before applying to communication degree programs.

The application process for a communication degree is a vital step in almost any communication career. Though the process differs with each school, a few aspects of the process should be expected at any college. Still, international students interested in enrolling in a communication degree program should check the school’s website to ensure that they are familiar with the requirements. The process may seem daunting, but if students prepare ahead of time, submit the documents and requirements by the deadline, and focus on the quality of the application, they will have a better chance of being accepted into one of the many top communication schools in the US.


Usually the application will require a fee and a few short answer questions or essays. The fee will most likely range from $20-$100 depending on the rigor and selectivity of the university as well as the cost of the school and whether the school is public or private. Most applications will require at least one essay. The essay may ask why the student wants to participate in the communication degree programs offered by their university or what the student deems to be his most successful moment. Whatever the question is, it is important that the student spends enough of time on this portion of the application and produces well-written essay that the school will remember. Some applications will also ask for recommendation letters and other supporting documents to highlight why the student will be a considerable asset to the university.

Test Scores and Transcripts

Admittance into most colleges will require test scores. These could include scores from the ACT, SAT, TOEFL, or IELTS. International students are encouraged to research the scores and tests accepted by the university. The scores are sent directly to the college from the testing centers. The schools will also require high school transcripts or transcripts from previous colleges. Test scores and transcripts may decide whether the student is admitted into the communication degree program in his first year or whether he will be accepted into the college but may have to apply to the specific programs later on.

Previous Work

The application process for a communication degree will most likely require or recommend previous work to be sent to the college. This could include writing samples from student-led newspapers or magazines, essay samples, previous campaign work, proof of previous employment or internships, etc. Because of this, students are encouraged to develop a portfolio even as early as high school. If students do not have these materials readily available, they may be admitted to the college but will be asked to apply to the communication degree programs at a later date.

The application process for a communication degree should not scare you into not applying. Most students will apply to 3 to 5 schools to ensure they are accepted into a program. Keep in mind selectivity, rigidity, and time when starting the application process. Take your time, relax and put in your best effort. There are hundreds of schools with communication degree programs, which means there are hundreds of opportunities to be accepted into a program. With some schools, the sooner the student applies, the sooner the student will receive an acceptance notice and first dibs on available scholarship money. So start early, work efficiently, and most importantly, follow the directions and instructions of the program of your choice. International students seeking a communication degree should begin the application process at least 6 months before the application is due and pay close attention to the required documents and fees needed before consideration of admittance.

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