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Careers in Communications

The constant need for communication skills in the workplace provides careers in communication with a versatile and active platform. Because there is such a diverse range of career options, international students seeking a communication job can find one in fields such as journalism, advertising, marketing, public relations and social media. Furthering one's study in areas of concentration can help specialize career options.

Of the many abilities employers look for in college graduates, communication skills always rank high. Employers are looking for applicants with writing and speaking skills, and those with a degree in communication can offer that. Because of this, international students majoring in communication have versatile career options. They can work in offices, newsrooms and hospitals. They can work for the government, corporate agencies and nonprofit organizations. Since careers in communication are so diverse, it helps if international students have a specific concentration such as advertising, journalism and public relations, or a minor in a field such as economics, sociology, and political science to help become more specialized.


International students with a concentration in journalism may want to consider a communication job as a copy writer, editor, photojournalist, news anchor, broadcaster, graphic designer, producer, director, or reporter. Journalists usually work for newspaper, television, radio and magazine industries and are asked to cover local, national and international current events through a variety of media channels. The job may include long hours, working nights, and travel. Journalism employers usually prefer applicants with a bachelor's degree in journalism or communication and experience in an internship with a company or a position on a college publication. They may also ask for samples of previous work or a portfolio highlighting the experience. International students interested in working up close with the media should consider a communication job in the field of journalism.


Advertising, marketing and public relations are other common concentrations within the communication field. International students searching for careers in communication that engage the promotion of a product or company should consider working as an advertising, marketing or public relations manager, a public relations specialist, an advertising sales agent, or market research analyst. Careers in this field can be found in almost every industry. They usually involve the ability to work well with others and for long hours. Depending on the career, employees usually look for applicants with a bachelor's degree in communication, public relation, marketing, advertising or journalism. More specialized careers may require further study in business administration and internships are highly beneficial. Students with a communication job in advertising, marketing or public relations may be asked to write press releases, organize an advertising campaign, analyze productivity, work closely with the public and media, sell advertising space, promote a company or non-profit organization, fundraise, manage an event, and more.

Other Career Options

Though most communication careers primarily involve journalism, advertising, marketing and public relations, there are other communication careers available for international students. International students can find a career acting as a social media expert and promoting a company through posting and networking on social media sites. Careers in communication can also involve authors, publishers, foreign affairs specialist and more. In such a rapidly evolving field, communication jobs can help employees see the world up close. International students working in communication careers have the unique opportunity to meet a diverse group of people, work hands on with interconnecting equipment, engage in events, politics and news, and change the way the public views media. Communication is everywhere, but those with careers in communication not only get to see it, live it and experience it, but they also get the chance to impact it.

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