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Communications Internships

Experience and education coincide when it comes to finding a career in communications. Since most employers will seek applicants with a communication internship, students are encouraged to begin searching for internships early on in their college or training career. Communication internship opportunities can be found in every state in the United States and provide each intern with the chance to learn and grow in his field.

As a communications international student, completing a communication internship is vital. Not only will the internship offer the student an opportunity to learn and grow in his field, it will also help the job search process. Many employers are now looking for experience when hiring new journalists, public relation specialists, and advertisers. Since the number of people with a college degree continues to rise, internships and job experience will help an applicant to stand out above the rest.

Internship opportunities are accessible in every state, but the search for an internship can be difficult. Most colleges and universities will have internships on hand for students and can be a great resource in finding a communication internship. Although there are hundreds of internship opportunities available, here are three companies that strive to give each intern a growing experience.

New York Times

Offering 10-week paid summer communication internships to college seniors and graduate students, the New York Times gives international students a wide range of opportunity. While the internships are open to all applicants, the program is designed to recruit and hire a diverse staff. Interns will receive a stipend each week, and housing is available for the student interns at New York University for approximately 1000 dollars a month. Below is an example of just three internships the New York Times has to offer:

David E. Rosenbaum Reporting Internship in Washington

In honor of the reporter and editor of the New York Times, this communication internship gives a student interested in writing about government and policy the opportunity to report and write in the Washington bureau. The student will write bylined stories in Washington, D.C. after a week of orientation spent in New York. Applicants must be a senior or graduate student, have prior daily newspaper experience and should submit a cover letter, resume, six clips from daily professional or college newspapers, a 500-word essay on the student’s interest in Washington news and proof of financial aid from their college.

Dow Jones News Fund Editing Internship

In this internship, students will have the opportunity to edit copy and write headlines on a “major desk at the Times.” The internship is open to college juniors, seniors and graduate students. Applicants are reviewed on their work on campus publications, reporting internships, academic excellence, an essay and an editing test that must be passed before consideration into the program. If the intern will be returning to college, a 1000 dollar DJNF scholarship will be rewarded after completion of the internship.

Thomas Morgan Internships in Visual Journalism

One junior or senior intern is chosen from three categories: design, graphics, and photography. Students from the University of Missouri at Columbia will be given preference for one of the internships each year in recognition of Thomas Morgan’s alma mater. Design interns will work with art directors producing pages and processing art and photographs. Graphics interns will work with graphic editors and present news visually through charges, graphs and diagrams. Photography interns work with Times photographers and editors who act as mentors for the interns as they learn lighting techniques and complete shooting assignments.


Walt Disney World Parks offers internship opportunities for a variety of majors, including communication internships. International students interested in an internship with Disney should check their website often because opportunities will be posted on a rolling basis. Some opportunities include an international public relations internship where interns will support international PR, and social media efforts especially in Latin America, social media internships, advertising internships, digital graphics internships and marketing internships.


According to CBS, the company offers communication internship opportunities in nearly every field of media and entertainment. The company strives to “provide students in both undergraduate and graduate levels with meaningful and practical work experience.” Whether a student is looking for a spring, fall, or summer communication internship, CBS will list recent internships on their site. Applicants must currently be attending an accredited college as a junior or senior, and the internship must be for college academic credit.

It is important to think of internships early in college, as finding and preparing for an internship ahead of time will better serve the student when it comes time to apply. Most of the internships available will be summer communication internships and will be from June to August. Though it may be difficult to find an internship, opportunities are not rare. Students are encouraged to contact their colleges and universities about career development and internship openings as early as possible. Once a student is accepted into an internship program, it is imperative to build professional relationships, as the company may be of good contact later. It is also essential to keep an open mind to leave room for learning and growing.

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