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If you want to help students become mentors, role models and dream keepers, start by being that example and teaching them with a degree in education. International students who study education in the US open the door for their students to become something more. With a fast-paced and creative environment, not one day teaching is the same.

According to Bill Gates, if technology is the tool, the teacher is the motivator. The teacher is “the most important.” Education has always been the door to more. Teachers hold the key to a different future than what their students could have imagined. In a generation where the youth are often ostracized, teachers can be the inspiration to teach the students more than what they can read in a book. Teachers become mentors, role models, and dream keepers. International students who study education can help a generation of students to become mentors, role models and dream keepers themselves.

For the most part, education in the US is split into four categories: early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, and adult education. Each category requires different skills and offers unique experiences. International students who study education in the US will may have to choose one of the categories to concentrate in before obtaining a degree.


Expectations and requirements for colleges will differ depending on the rigor of the school curriculum. International students will be expected to work well with children, especially the age group chosen to work with and will have to prove this through tutoring programs, student teaching, lesson planning and more. Students with high enthusiasm and patience will better endure the classroom atmosphere. Expectations for an education career will depend on the school system the teacher will be teaching, as well as the grade category—early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education or adult education. Early childhood education teachers may deal more with paint, crafts, child development, socialization and early reading while teachers in secondary education may have to be skilled in a specific subject and teach that subject in great detail. For public schools, a bachelor’s degree in education or child development is normally required, and the teaching license will be maintained throughout your career. Private school requirements will vary.

If you need additional funding to study education, explore financial resource options like scholarships and loans.

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Like the expectations, the environment of an education career will also vary depending on the school system the teacher is involved in. Most environments will involve “think-on-your-feet” days, so those who want to study education should prepare for an impromptu change of plans every day. The environment may be noisy, depending on the grade level, and may require multi-tasking from the instructor. Some schools have students who do not care about learning, thus making the environment more difficult for new teachers. International students who wish to study education should familiarize themselves with different types of teaching environments. They should try to student teach, tutor, or sit in on classrooms from different schools in different districts. Tolerance, improvisation, multi-tasking and engagement are just a few skills that will come in handy in an education environment.


The salary for teachers can range anywhere from $25,000 to $80,000 depending on the district and how experienced you are as a teacher. Some teachers can earn supplemental salaries by teaching in the summer, becoming an advisor for an extra-curricular after-school activity, earning advanced certification, and others. Many times, private school salaries are lower than public school salaries, but that will always depend on the district and school system. Elementary and secondary education teachers earn more than early childhood education teachers.

Studying education in the US can be very rewarding. As a teacher, you will have the opportunity to teach students new ideas, information, and skills. You will be able to act as a mentor to your students and inspire them to reach farther than they have before. Educators work in a fast-paced environment that is constantly changing. With different students each year, no year is ever the same. There are many great education schools in the US with significant education programs such as Felician College which values the learning experience of tutoring and student teaching. These schools develop skills that will be employed during your time as a teacher while offering experience and opportunities that will help advance your career. If you are interested in studying education in the US, there will be many opportunities for you to reach the lives of students across the nation.

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