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As with any field of study, international students need to come to terms with exactly why they want to enter a specific career path or pursue a certain degree. There are many reasons and factors behind any decision and as a potential student you should consider the good and the bad behind receiving a specific degree. This is a decision that could affect the outcome of your entire life, and should be taken seriously and researched fully.

Those people that pursue a degree in Fine Arts recognize the sacrifices they may have to make in order to do what they really love. Bachelor's Degrees in Fine Arts (BFA) can open doors to many exciting opportunities that students have never thought possible. The degree itself takes a lot of hard work, networking, and creativity to obtain. Here are some reasons international students should consider pursuing a BFA degree:

One of the most important reasons for pursuing a BFA degree. If you choose this path, it should be because you have a vision and are passionate about learning the fine arts. You shouldn't choose a degree that you don't believe you will be happy with.
Creative Outlet
If you are a creative individual, a BFA degree will allow you to expand on this creativity while also giving you the unique and valuable feedback of your peers and instructors.
Learning New Styles
It is a requirement of all BFA students to learn about present and past artistic styles and techniques. Obtaining this information may help improve your own work or expose you to new styles you never thought were possible.
Refining Skills
Throughout the time of your studies, you will come in contact with many professionals, workshops, and instructors in your specific field of study. The valuable feedback you receive from these contacts will help improve your skills.
One of the biggest reasons people study for their BFA. Most programs have small class sizes which give you valuable one on one time with your instructor and co-ops or industry internships are often part of the curriculum.
Usually the last two years of your degree are focused on one or two areas you wish to specialize in. This allows you to claim on your resume that you are an expert in a specific specialization and really stand out from other applicants.
Once you obtain your BFA degree the opportunities available to you are endless. Many industries such as fashion, film/television, education, art therapy, arts & culture management, and the entertainment industry are looking for people with degrees.

In addition to all these reasons, every student who enters a BFA program is required to take foundation courses or prerequisites before you specialize. Usually this consists of an art history course or survey of architecture and foundation drawing, sculpting, ceramics or painting courses. This can give international students valuable insight into fields of art that they may never have considered before. It should also be noted that when you study fine arts in the US, many areas of specialization are open to students including: interior design, communication arts, metalsmithing, advertising, and video game design. All US institutions require faculty to maintain professional records of their exhibitions or publications, which allow students to see if they want to specialize in their particular field.

If an international student knows that they want to obtain a BFA degree, then they may be searching for reasons why they should study fine arts in the US. There are many reasons why international students should consider studying in the US. Here are some reasons specific to US BFA programs:

Universities in the United States have culturally diverse student populations and often practice the learning of other cultures in courses.
With over 300 fine arts colleges country wide, students will have plenty of schools to choose from including public and private universities.
Courses and programs are always changing since many programs have visiting professors and offer the chance to meet new artists.
Most universities are equipped with cutting edge software for students and many provide students with the opportunity to earn new technology.
A trait that is encouraged by all professors. Every student learns the basics of fine arts and its past, but professors want to students to follow their own unique path.
The towns and cities where universities are located allow students to catch a glimpse of American culture. Nearby museums are also great places to seek cultural influence.
Universities always have the student's safety, well-being, and health in mind.
Studying in the US will offer students the chance to refine their English language skills.

Choosing what and where to study can be overwhelming, but potential students need to make sure their reasons behind pursuing a certain degree are good ones. Some people will argue that a degree in the Fine Arts will mean nothing unless you are pursuing teaching. However, the unique opportunities provided to students who receive a BFA degree should not be overlooked. Many work closely with a professor in a specialized study that often leads to a career or apprenticeship that they wouldn't have been offered otherwise. International students should review their reasoning behind why they want to obtain their fine arts degree and should truly consider studying fine arts in the US. A students schooling experience should not only be memorable, but also something they loved to do every day.

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