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How to Prepare for Law School in the US

Law school is a great career choice for many international students. While a job in law is both rewarding and lucrative, actually getting into law school can be a bit of a challenge. Law schools in America have been bumping up their admissions requirements in recent years and are seeking the best international and domestic students in the nation.

Getting Into Law School

Many students are unsure of how to prepare for law school. Getting into law school is not an easy task for many international students, and there is certainly some preparation that is required in order to be successful in their endeavors. Law schools are becoming more and more competitive each year, as they have begun to see a rise in applications. In order to be successful in the pursuit of entering law school, there are a few things that students can do to make sure they are ready.

  • Good Grades. First off, one of the major factors in getting into law school is the student’s GPA. Students should prepare early for law school by trying to get the best grades they can in every course. This starts from the day they enter college until the day they leave. The closer a student’s GPA is to 4.0, the more likely they are to be accepted into law school. Students should take time to study for every exam, complete every assignment, and get as much as they can out of every course. All of this will pay off as international students get into good law schools in America.
  • LSAT Exam. Another way that students should prepare for law schools by studying very hard for the LSAT exam. The LSAT is the entrance exam to law school, just like the ACT or SAT is the entrance exam for undergraduate students. By studying for the LSAT, taking practice tests and practice courses, students will increase their chances of a high score, making them much more marketable to law schools in America.

By following these two preparation tips, students can enter into a top law school and be on their way to becoming lawyers.

Getting out of Law School

After actually getting into law school, there many other things to do in order to prepare before your first day. While getting into law school is a challenge, getting out is a whole new obstacle. Law school is very difficult and requires constant study. While there may not be as many assignments as you had during your undergraduate studies, each exam or assignment carries a lot of weight. When asked, most law school students talk about the importance of reading in law school. The amount of reading students need to do for each class is astounding, and may require students to read cases, briefs, and articles almost every night. Unlike your undergraduate program, missing a reading or assignment can set you back quite a bit and may lead to you failing a course. The cases and court briefs required can be complicated and may often take several readings to understand. Exams in law school are often tough, but fortunately students have a lot of materials to prepare with. Most law libraries store a collection of previous exams for each course, which can be used as study materials for law students. Law school classes are also renowned for their discussion format. Most law school teachers use the Socratic Method, meaning they will call on you to answer many question rather than just lecturing. If you are afraid of public speaking, do not worry; you will get used to talking in class and discussing legal matters with your classmates.

Preparing For the Bar

Your law school education does not end at graduation. While you may have a law degree, students will need to pass the bar in the state they want to practice in. The bar exam is the culmination of all the things you have learned in law school, and is seen by most students as one of the hardest things you will ever do in academia. Most schools teach bar preparation courses as part of their curriculum, but that usually is not enough to be successful. After graduation, students should expect to study for weeks in order to be fully prepared for the bar exam. Most universities offer a bar preparatory workshop following graduation in order to ensure that their students will soon be lawyers. These preparation materials should be proficient in answering the questions of how to prepare for law school.

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