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Undergraduate Degree in Marketing

Study Marketing

There are four different types of marketing degrees an international student can earn. In this section we'll discuss two undergraduate degree options: associate's degree and bachelor's degree. In a separate article, we cover graduate degrees in marketing.

International students who pursue an undergraduate degree in marketing have two options when it comes to a marketing major. You have the option of earning an associate's degree, otherwise known as a two-year degree, or a bachelor's degree, also called the four-year degree. Although both degrees fall in the category of "undergraduate" the amount of knowledge you'll attain differs greatly; an associate's degree usually teaches students general information about the marketing industry while a bachelor's degree provides students with an in-depth look at marketing principles and concepts. To excel in the marketing industry, knowledge and experience are required for even the most basic jobs. Make sure you're choosing the right degree based on what type of career you want to have in the future.

Associate's Degree

An associate's degree usually takes about two years to earn. It is the quickest undergraduate degree in marketing that you can earn; you'll need at least an associate's degree to be considered for most marketing jobs. You can earn this type of degree from a community college, four-year college, university, vocational school, or trade school. The benefits of having an associate's degree include: affordability—it is usually very affordable; you can transfer the credits earned from this degree to another college if you decide to pursue a bachelor's degree later on; and there are thousands of schools in the USA offering associate's degrees in marketing. Although this degree is the quickest and easiest to earn, there is a downside to it; a lower-level degree can limit you when it comes to getting a job. Usually anyone with a bachelor's degree or higher will be considered for a job over someone who has earned a two-year degree. Also, associate's degrees are often associated with entry level jobs so it would be difficult to obtain an administrative position right after finishing your studies. With this type of degree you'd most likely be able to attain a job like working as an assistant or office clerk (data entry type of job)—acquiring a higher level position would be very difficult without a more advanced degree. It is always possible to move up within a company with or without a degree, but earning a four-year degree or higher will definitely improve your chances of achieving an administrative or executive position.

Bachelor's Degree

Another option for international students who want to earn an undergraduate degree in marketing would be a bachelor's degree. Although this marketing major requires more time than an associate's degree it is well worth the extra effort. Some schools even offer accelerated programs wherein students can earn their degree in three years instead of four. Either way there are several benefits to earning this type of degree. One of the main reasons to consider earning a bachelor's degree is because unlike an associate's degree which involves studying general information, a bachelor's degree focuses on the specific skills and knowledge you'll need to excel in the marketing industry. You'll be able to advance more quickly within a company as far as administrative positions go and you'll possess detailed knowledge that will help you perform your job well. There are a lot of schools in the USA offer great degree programs in marketing as well; National University for example, offers a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication. Through a 4-year program like this one, international students can learn about all different types of marketing principles like advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing using the latest trends in technology. This degree also combines some important business principles with advanced communication skills that are useful for traditional marketing methods and Web 2.0 platforms like print, broadcast, social, personal and mobile media. Also, a huge part of successful marketing is understanding how to communicate with consumers and the skills you'd learn from this type of degree are perfect for it! A specific marketing major like this one can really give students the upper hand as they pursue a marketing career. Earning a more advanced degree like a bachelor's degree will make working your way up into a company and eventually obtaining a job like an account executive, public relations specialist, marketing manager, or communications manager a lot more attainable.

Undergraduate Degree in Marketing

In conclusion, it's important to know what you want to do after graduation and what finances you have available to fund your education. There are pros and cons to both. Associate's degree usually provide students with general information about marketing, while bachelor's degrees take an in-depth look at marketing principles and can combine other concepts like communication and business. If you'd like to obtain an entry level position then stick with an associate's degree, but if you've got your eye on administrative or executive positions for your future career than a bachelor's degree is the way to go.

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