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A lot of hard work, strategic thinking, and tons of useful experience are what you can expect when studying marketing in the US. This is a major for international students who are natural leaders, have outgoing personalities, and are very skilled in persuading people. Do you think you have what it takes to study marketing?

You've made the decision to study marketing in the US…now what? This is the time to start preparing yourself, so ask yourself, what should you expect when studying marketing? Keep in mind that marketing is a line of work for natural leaders and individuals who are competitive, creative, persuasive, and outgoing. Knowing what to expect when studying marketing in the US can really give you an advantage when it comes to your course work and future career.

Go for a double-major

You can expect to learn a lot about data collection and analysis, the four P's of marketing (product, promotion, price, place), how to develop effective marketing and communication strategies, and so much more. Marketing is a career track that is always developing and changing as new technologies and products are created. It offers international students many job opportunities and knowing how to study marketing can really help you prepare for your future career. You should try to learn about as many aspects of marketing as you can while you're in school—including business, advertising, and public relations. International students should try to go for a double-major, in public relations and marketing for example, or marketing and business; these types of degrees can complement each other because they are all related to the marketing industry. Any major involving business, marketing, public relations, or advertising, usually require students to take similar or the same courses…often you can apply the credits you've earned for one of these majors to the other and end up earning two degrees at the same time.

Pay attention to case studies

International students should also expect to read A LOT of case studies. Case studies are basically detailed analyses of campaigns and marketing efforts of companies in the past—teachers use case studies to teach marketing, public relations, and business students about certain principles, techniques, or concepts during class. Case studies are usually used to teach students what they should do in certain marketing situations, and sometimes exactly what not to do…it would be wise of you to make an effort to remember the case studies discussed in class in order to avoid making the same marketing mistakes others have made in the past.

Learn to be a team-player

Probably one of the most important things you need to know when it comes to how to study marketing is the fact that you'll need to be a team player. Be aware than during many group projects teammates assign each other scores or grades at the end of a project that will affect your overall grade in the class. Being a leader is important in the marketing industry, but you also need to learn how to be a follower; marketing professionals usually work in teams so the sooner you figure out how to work with others the better!

Go to class

Yes, we're serious… going to class and actually paying attention can really help you out. There are students out there who think that just by reading the textbook they'll be able to get by, but not in a marketing major! Many marketing professors have a lot of industry experience and the things they lecture about in class are both useful and relevant. They can tell you about the knowledge they've gained that can't be found in a book. Once you've figured out this simple yet obvious technique, I think it's safe to say that you officially are on the road to knowing how to study marketing.

So now you know…

There you have it, a bit of knowledge about what to expect when studying marketing in the US. Hopefully you've taken this information to heart and will apply it as you begin pursuing your degree. Choosing a double-major, paying attention to case studies, learning to be a team player, and making an effort to go to every class can really help you get the most out of your degree. Marketing is an interesting major and an exciting career so learn as much as you can while studying abroad and then take that knowledge and rock the marketing world!

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