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Funding for Caribbean Medical Schools

US Federal Financial Aid and Loans

Federal loans are offered to US students at the Caribbean schools we’ve listed as reputable; in order to be eligible to participate in the US Federal Direct Loan Program, a school has to be considered reliable. If you are a US student, you can receive federal student loans at American University of Antigua, American University of the Caribbean, Medical University of the Americas, St. George’s University, Saba University, and Ross University. The schools must maintain these high standards in order to continually meet eligibility status. To make sure that your school’s eligibility status hasn’t changed, contact the school directly. If you and your school are eligible, obtaining a federal loan for a Caribbean medical school is no different than it would be for a US school.

As a student from outside of the United States considering applying to a Caribbean medical school, eligibility for federal aid will vary depending on your country. Canadian nationals are eligible for federal aid at all of the reputable Caribbean medical schools listed above, but if you’re not from the US or Canada, you may have to do some research on your own to find out, and you may have to contact your school and ask about eligibility. Most schools let you contact their international admissions team directly from their website. In addition, most of the reputable Caribbean medical schools give out scholarship money to international applicants during the enrollment process, and will provide you with more information if you show that you’re interested.

Private Student Loans

Private student loans for Caribbean medical schools are much more difficult to come by. There are lenders who will offer private loans, but you’ll need to find out where to look, otherwise it can be very time consuming. A good place to start your search is through our loan search tool. There you can quickly see what lenders are available to you. Simply enter in your information on your citizenship, when you need a loan and where you need a loan, and our tool will quickly provide you with a list of lenders that work with international students at your school. If you find a lender you want to apply for a loan through you can simply click through to the application.


Most Caribbean medical schools, like American University of Antigua, offer a number of merit-based scholarships, along with scholarships for first-generation medical school applicants. Often, applicants will receive these automatically during the enrollment process if they qualify. Often, applicants will receive these automatically during the enrollment process if they qualify. Many Caribbean medical schools do not factor MCAT scores into the admissions process, but will ask for your MCAT scores because you may qualify for a scholarship. For more information on scholarships through your university you can visit your school’s website, or contact your school’s financial aid office. You can also use our scholarship search tool that includes thousands of scholarships specifically for international students. Choose where you want to study, what you want to study and where you're from to populate a list of scholarships specific to your situation.

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