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For years, hostels have carried bad connotations, and you may have heard horror stories about people’s hostel experiences in the past. However, anyone who is involved in travel now will tell you that this has completely changed. Nowadays, hostels are far more clean, safe, and cost effective. However, while it probably won’t happen, you may occasionally run into a hostel that you’ll want to avoid. One of the most difficult things about staying in a hostel is finding a hostel that will suit your price and location needs. Certain hostels will be more suited for certain travelers based on what those travelers are looking for in their hostel experience. Generally, there are three kinds of hostels:

  1. Party hostels - where you are likely to meet friends, but might not have as many quiet hours to rest..
  2. Cost-effective hostels - where you would go if you were trying to save as much money as possible and anything more than simply having a bed to sleep on would be unnecessary.
  3. Boutique hostels- which you may go to if you’re looking for a place with nice scenery and amenities.

However, these categories aren’t mutually exclusive; sometimes, the cheap hostels are where you end up meeting the most fun people, or they might still have a great view. Whatever your interests are, there are a number of tools available to help you find the hostel perfect for you. We have provided you with two popular options where you can begin your search for a hostel. When searching, a few things to explore include:

  • Cleanliness
  • Location
  • Cancellation Policies
  • Booking Fees
  • Communal Kitchen and Restroom Policies
  • Rental Options (such as bikes and games)
  • WiFi Fees
  • Nearby Public Transportation
  • Reviews
  • Security and Safety Measures

Get started in your hostel search, and happy traveling!


Founded in 1999 by a hostel owner and an IT executive, and with offices in London, Shanghai, Sydney, and Porto, Hostelworld is an online hostel service that allows you to search for, compare, and book hostels around your destination. The site is run and curated by a community of passionate travellers and hostel hosts. Hostelworld has more than 17,700 hostel listings in more than 179 countries, and has more than 13,000,000 customer reviews. Hostelworld offers group booking, booking guarantees, a free cancellation policy, informative blogs, airport transfers, flight booking services, and booking services for tours, attractions, and activities all around the world. For more information, or to start planning your travels, check out the Hostelworld website .

Other Hostel Sites to Consider

There are many sites available that list hostels, hotels, guesthouses, and other kinds of economical accommodations for your travels. When it comes to booking hostels, two more sites you may want to consider if you’re unable to find listings on Hostelworld or Hostelbookers are Agoda and Booking . Agoda is known for its hotel listings, but the site has plenty of hostels at very reasonable rates, and can be a great place to find discounts on nightly rates at hostels. Booking has a mobile app that makes checking availability and prices of hostels near you quick and simple.

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