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Accounting may be one of the hottest industries in the world today. The opportunities for careers in accounting are boundless thanks to the need for accounting related positions in all career fields. International students who are considering studying in the United States have the opportunity to tackle rewarding jobs in accounting.

Potential Careers

There are a slew of potential career opportunities available for international students who are interested in studying accounting. For many students, the most popular career choice is a financial accountant for an accounting firm or the accounting department of an organization or company. Many other graduates go on to open their own accounting firms as a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant. This is the highest rank in accounting and is designated to make sure that the handlers of very important financial information, tax form and audits are completely qualified with a strong education and background.

Accounting professionals also work in a number of different public accounting firms doing a multitude of different things. Accounting majors work as auditors, consultants and financial experts for many different large companies. These firms can include small local business or huge international corporations. In addition, these professionals also work in the tax field as experts that people often hire to file their yearly taxes. Other jobs in accounting include jobs in planning, management and consulting. After some years of experience in the industry, many professionals choose to open their own CPA firm, which can prove to be very lucrative and rewarding.

Gaining Experience for a Potential Career

In order for a student to gain the necessary experience for a potential career in accounting it is important for students to try their best to get some experience under their belt. By participating in an internship program or a student job while enrolled in college, students can significantly increase their odds of finding a great job following graduation. As students’ progress through their courses and begin to tackle advanced courses in accounting, they should begin to look into internships and early jobs. Students who live in large cities will not have a problem finding large accounting or consulting firms looking for interns or assistants in their auditing departments. In addition, many smaller CPA firms offer exceptional learning opportunities for interested students. International students will find that this experience looks great on a resume and proves to future employers that you understand the workings of the profession. These internships are not just stand alone opportunities. They also give students the opportunity to obtain a job after graduation and ending the internship. Companies love to hire interns they feel fit well with the company. The companies have plenty of time to see the work ethic and quality of interns and if they are satisfied, they might offer full-time employment. Lastly, early job opportunities and internships give students the opportunity to meet and talk with industry professionals. By networking with accounting professionals, students will get a better understanding for the profession, the job market, and the must know to a life as an accountant.

Preparation for Accounting Careers

International students pursuing careers in accounting need to showcase many skills when looking for a job. Future employers want to see applicants who have the right stuff to fill open positions in their company. As an accountant, the most important skills come from knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and numbers. By taking high level accounting classes as an undergraduate, gaining real on the job experience, and pursuing professional designations and advanced degrees, students can set themselves apart from other applicants. In addition, analytical skills are paramount to obtaining a job in accounting. When considering applicants for positions in auditing, companies will look for those who have analytical and critical thinking skills. Professional demeanor and the ability to create and maintain relations is also a necessary skill. International students who are up for a rewarding career with challenging work will find that accounting is a perfect career.

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