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Many international students consider studying accounting in the US. This degree is in a growing field with many job opportunities. In addition, accounting degrees are extremely versatile and afford students many different career options.

What is Accounting?

What is accounting? Accounting is a science that is used to analyze and manipulate financial data for businesses and the public. While that may seem like a simple concept, accountants do so much more. Accounting in the US is a huge new discipline for international students looking to find a rewarding, challenging and, of course, well paid profession. Accounting is arguably the most vital aspect of any business or company. The accountant makes sure that the finances of a company are correct, and balances the company’s books. Accountants can find stolen money or money that has gone missing within the company; they can advise on business funds for potential growth; most importantly, they have a firsthand look into the future of a company.

The Importance of Accounting

So why is accounting important? Everyone, every company, every entity, every small business, group, or website has an accounting need. It is for this reason that accounting is often called the most versatile degree for international students. To study accounting in the US is to set yourself on a strong career path. Students will have the ability to follow whatever path they choose. Majors in accounting can work as accountants, consultants, partners, CEOS, government agencies, and entrepreneurs. Most colleges and universities identify accounting as their most versatile and best degree because it affords students the opportunity to go in whatever career direction they so choose. The skills taught in accounting can prepare an international student for any role, including positions outside of finance or accounting. Accounting is really the language of business.

Accounting obtains the information necessary to make important financial decisions at a high level. Company executives will look at several different financial reports to see what is going right for the company, what needs work, and if they are on track to make a profit. Using this information, executives will decide what areas to put emphasis on in the future and where to allocate extra money in their budget. Accountants also audit and give oversight to internal issues like fraud and unauthorized spending, and are skilled in saving companies money while also staying in compliance with federal regulations.

A Great Outlook

Students asking what is accounting will find that there are boundless opportunities in the field. Career outlooks for accounting students have never looked better. It is also important to note that in fact, many economists and researchers point out that while accountants are in great need today, their need will explode even more in the coming future. Accounting is an extremely diverse field with several different types of people finding success. Women, for example, now make up more than 50 percent of the field. Accountants can work in many different areas; while most accountants work in auditing or tax, others can work in niches like management, consulting, financial analysis and financial planning and forensic accounting.

International students who choose to study accounting in the US will find that they receive incredible support from their university. The business and accounting schools will often pour funds into the discipline, as the students often go on to do great things, which reflects well on the university. International students who study accounting are in for some tough work and an intense curriculum, but will leave with a degree unlike any other. A degree in accounting will prepare students for professional work at a large company, which will bring responsibility, financial assurance, and, of course, rewarding experiences. After many years in the field, accountants might use their skills to start their own private firm, or work their way up to being the CEO, CFO, or another executive level position at an organization.

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