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One of the most valuable learning opportunities for an international student is the prospective of an internship. Accounting internships are perfect for students who are looking to get a better understanding of their degree program while also determining if the career field is right for them.

Accounting internships are great for current international students looking to gain some experience in the states. Internships offer students challenging work on real accounting projects like auditing and financial problems. In addition, they can often lead to class credit, a great way for students to knock out a chunk of their necessary credits for graduation. There are several accounting internships all over the country which offer great promotional potential and educational growth. Depending on where a student is studying, international students can take on internships in a number of different companies in a slew of different areas. The internships can be working for an accounting firm, a local CPA, and even large consulting groups if they have local offices and opportunities at accounting summer internships. With so many CPA and accounting firms in large cities, students will surely have the opportunity to find rewarding internship work.

What type of accounting internships are available?

There are numerous accounting internships near top colleges, but knowing exactly how to get these internships can prove to be quite a struggle for international students. Like with any academic field, the first step in finding an internship is to determine what type of internship you want, and in what type of career field. If a student is interested in accounting summer internships with consulting firms, then they would need to search through potential companies in consulting that match well with the student’s interests. Some major accounting internship with consulting groups include the likes of KPMG, Deloitte and Accenture. These consulting firms work on a number of different projects from auditing to financial reporting for a number of different clients like private companies and government entities.

Where should one look for internships?

While internships are out there, they can be tricky to find. The first and most obvious place to search would be on the company’s website. Accounting firms are always hiring for interns, and they will post these positions on their website. Most companies have this format, in which a student can search for their specific location to see if any internship are open, and then apply to any vacancies they feel they qualify for. This has really becoming the easiest and most effective way for students to get an internship. These internships are competitive though. Chances are, if a students is able to search and find an internship online, that several others students searched and applied to the same internship. Another way to find potential accounting internships is to search for a specific field rather than an exact company. By using online job boards like or students can search different opportunities by searching for “accounting internships” or “consulting internships”. Many of these job boards collect open vacancies from around the internet, making this one of the most effective ways to search for both jobs and internships for international students.

Getting help from your university

All universities offer some sort of career service department whose sole job is to help students find local internships and careers while enrolled and after graduation. Many of these departments will put on some type of career or internship fair once a semester for students. Internship fairs bring in a number of different employers who are actively seeking interns. Accounting firms often come out in full force to grab smart and excited interns from a specific university. Students have the opportunity to talk directly to employees from different companies and determine if it would be a good fit. At the same time, students can learn a bit about the internship and what exactly their role would be within the company. Likewise, students can inquire about potential career positions following an internship. This is a great tool for international students seeking accounting summer internships. Accounting internships are plentiful for international students. These students should take their time to find a field, a job, or a company that they really would enjoy and learn at when deciding on an accounting internship.

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