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Choosing where to go to college in America is a tough decision, even for students who have lived in the country their whole lives. Add in the factor of coming from another country, and deciding where to commit the next few years of your life becomes even harder! Let's look at some of the best geographical regions for international students to get started studying broadcasting.

Choosing a specific college is always going to be hard. It is a major life decision! But for international students wondering where to study broadcasting in America, the difficulty is multiplied tenfold; some international students have never even been to the United States to determine what kind of place they like, and the distance from the comfort of home makes it all the more important that you land in a region that suits you. Let's discuss picking where to study broadcasting in America and break down some of the national hotspots for top broadcasting schools to look at what kind of life they offer you.

Urban versus Rural

One of the first factors international students will want to consider in deciding where to study broadcasting is whether they'd prefer an urban or rural setting for their education. There are many things to consider when making this decision. The first is adjustment to American life. Large cities, especially the top few in the country like Los Angeles and New York, already have dozens of vibrant ethnic communities that international students can turn to for basic comforts like familiar food and friends speaking the same language. Life in the countryside is probably better suited to those already somewhat acclimated to American culture, though within the protective bubble of a university there may exist ethnic groups in these settings as well.

Looking specifically at broadcasting, there are many preconceptions about the schools' settings – namely that top broadcasting schools can only be found in big cities, where they are accompanied by major television and radio stations. This is not necessarily true. While the larger and more numerous television and radio stations of a large metropolis may present international students with more internship opportunities, a great broadcasting school can be found in any size community.

Broadcasting Programs

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Featured Schools with Broadcasting Programs

Featured Schools with Broadcasting Programs

Areas of the US

So where are some of the biggest hotspots around the country to find the top broadcasting schools? Here are just a few:

Did you know that Los Angeles, California is considered the entertainment capital of the world? If you are interested in studying broadcasting, choosing to study in the heart of entertainment can increase your possibilities of success. Consider The Academy of Radio & Television Broadcasting. Located only 30 miles outside of Los Angeles, international students will have the opportunity to receive hands-on training from professionals in the field – not just instructors! Los Angeles offers it all, from the ability to network with professionals in your industry to getting internships that will help you gain experience in the field.

In addition to Los Angeles, Southern California extends all the way from the U.S.-Mexico border well into the flatlands of central California, spanning cities, suburbs, mountains, and desert in the process. School-wise, the options are vast: the combination of the University of California and California State University systems means a plethora of strong state schools, and private options like the University of Southern California and the American Film Institute are some of the country's top broadcasting schools. And with massive urban sprawl emanating from the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, plenty of smaller, more accessible networks create job opportunities for graduating students.

The Big Apple boasts some serious broadcasting cred, though, with top broadcasting schools like New York University (NYU) and Columbia complemented by the strong City University of New York public system and other schools. But don't stop there – upstate Syracuse University and the major cities of Buffalo and Rochester offer even more opportunities for broadcasting students and recent graduates.

Yet another region dotted with both big cities and countryside, Florida provides enticing options for broadcasting students. The University of Florida in modest Gainesville has an excellent broadcasting program. Perhaps more interesting than the state's many school options is its career outlook. Florida offers a high number of broadcasting jobs and tends to pay them well; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Miami area's mean annual wage of $140,120 for broadcast news analysts is the highest in the country!

Choosing where to study broadcasting among the seemingly infinite options America offers can be fun once you know how to narrow down your search and focus on the type of area you'd like. Get to researching and have fun!

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