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Burping in classes? Cultural of personal difference?

Posted on March 16th, 2009 by Laura Herrejón

There is something that I have seen happening in my classes that I don’t know if you have experienced. Well, while the professor is giving his lecture and the entire room is quiet, girls or people burp. Not just one class hour but in other class periods as well. I know that in Mexico it is very rude to burp, especially if it is a woman, but even more within a professional setting. None of these girls or anybody in the classroom for that matter seemed like that affected their concentration, or that it was something out of the ordinary. I turned around and tried to notice if anybody had noticed, and it seemed like nobody did.
Again, culture differences…but is it a culture difference or a personal difference?
I was very shocked by that action, and so I started asking questions to people from the same culture if burping in a classroom was normal, and actually many of them said it was rude and definitely not normal. I guess I am still learning about what is and what is not normal in a different society.
Hopefully, it will get easier with time.
If you have any other experiences like these, feel free to comment on them. Maybe you can help me to understand better if it was a cultural difference of a personal one.

5 Responses to “Burping in classes? Cultural of personal difference?”

  1. Tom Says:

    I think i’m a little bit older but listen from my exprience;

    When I was younger I was the same, always tryed to know what is “normal”. There is nothing “normal”, you should do always what you belive, say what you think and do what you want to do, as long as you hurt nobody.

    That’s my advice…

  2. petra Says:

    Don’t worry, burping, furting and spitting in public is bad behavior. No matter if you’r in north america or europe.
    Here in Germany, you can see girls spitting on the floor, but if you ask girls the same age if it’s o.k. or not, they’ll tell you that it’s not!

  3. Laura Herrejón Says:

    Tom, I completely agree with you in that while you should follow what you believe in while you don’t hurt anybody. But I think that also, people should behave in a way that it doesn’t diturb others to a certain point. Like for example, this one girl burped right behind me, I was certainly bothered by it. I think that you should follow what you believe in while you don’t hurt anybody or disrespect anybody. What do you think about that?

  4. Laura Herrejón Says:


    there seems to be confusion between what is accepted by society and what is not, I believe that there are certain things that are considered bad behavior manners. For example the one you mentioned: Burping, farting, spitting, etc.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. mamma papa Says:

    Cultural difference: this is very important in a place when people are coming from different culture. We really have to considerations to other cultures.

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