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“Winter break,” home test and back to college!

Posted on January 22nd, 2012 by

I confess I love writing(!), especially about my college experience. It is easy first of all because I am the primary source 😛 [ yet I still do some research if needed] and I really enjoy doing so!

I am back to studies again! This is going to be my last semester at SUNY Ulster. I love this place a lot! Someday I will be back to work here!!! I like this supportive environment!

Now about my winter break which was somehow full of events that I did not notice how it passed so quickly. So I applied to CU last year (sounds like year ago, but it was November 2011), and got home test which were 6 creative problems to be solved and a questionnaire with 12 interview questions to be answered. It looks not that much, but in reality that was a lot of work!  I could not start neither test nor writing earlier, because I had to finish my semester properly, so that week I spent working on my final projects. The next week I started sketching and brainstorming process, but still did not get to assignments because it was holiday time! Yet, I think I started my writing gradually, because I knew that it might take longer than I expected. Anyway, I was stressed out; it’s still a big pressure and responsibility! I had asked several instructors to write recommendation letters and so on. I took a break from my work, so I could spend time on my projects. Actually, it worked out pretty well, because the time that I took off I spent on non-stop creative problem solving day and night! Goodness, that was very taught times! I enjoyed the projects however. I tried to look at them from different angles, sketched out various solutions, and then I tried to give to my solutions conceptual twist, and create some awareness. I hope it will work. Finding the precise box to mail the projects was another story! FedEx was very helpful with that. I did not know that the box for the shipping is free, but that particular size is only for the overnight shipping. In a nutshell I mailed everything 2 days before the deadline, and the box arrived on time. Now, I am waiting for the early decision to arrive on February 1st, or 2nd. Waiting is painful, I never liked it. These days I am so busy again that I didn’t even notice how the first week of classes passed already! So much projects to do, whoa! I am excited!

Anyway, after the home test, I still had one week of ‘winter break’ but I had to go back to work, especially during the registration time it’s really busy, so presence of everyone in the office is valuable and much appreciated! Despite the work, I rested in that week so well! It’s because after those intense days of hard thinking process, my work seemed like a vacation! I can’t believe I am saying this, but everything is relative! I am actually happy that I looked at my work from that perspective, thus I felt mentally rested and ready to do MORE at my last semester at SUNY Ulster!! Grand Finale that’s what I want! 😀 and then hopefully move to NYC and work on my BFA!

Written by

Welcome to my blog! I am Gülnar, an international student from Azerbaijan Republic. I am currently studying at SUNY Ulster where I obtained my A.A. in Fine Arts degree during the Fall 2011. Right now I am working on my A.S. in Advertising Design and Graphic Technologies degree. I plan to obtain my BFA and MFA. In fact I am a graduate of Azerbaijan University of Languages ( BA in American Studies), but at some point in my life everything has changed, and my career path as well. I am an artist/graphic designer/photographer. I live in upstate NY with my American family for the duration of my studies. I have many "likes & dislikes", so I am not going to count up all that in here :D, read my blog and you will see. I’ve chosen to keep this blog as I enjoy writing (yes, even in ENGLISH) besides art and sharing my observation & experience. I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do while writing it. Thank You!

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4 Responses to ““Winter break,” home test and back to college!”

  1. Ingo Says:

    I hope your creative phase is still by you.

  2. Amos Says:

    Fine, I’ll bookmark this website, so I can come back and read more. Nice!

  3. Says:

    Thank you, Ingo! I hope too!
    Amos, you are welcome to come back and read more 😀 while I am alive I am gonna post new stuff 😛 thanks for reading!

  4. daniel Says:

    Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures in your college.

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