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Posted on November 18th, 2012 by

Hello! It’s been a very long time I haven’t posted anything! Honestly, I did not have neither much to write, you know same old thing [study & work], nor the time to write.  Well, I have collected some last weeks events in one post! Enjoy reading! 

my poster design for ArtDept

Last week we had a day trip to Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC! Woohaa! I am just dreaming about the day when I can spend a week there and see everything that is exhibited. So huge, that I got lost there… Worse thing I needed to use the restroom right when we got to MET, so while in search of a restroom, I lost my group thus I was wandering at MET on my own, randomly found two of my friends and then we lost each other hahaha.. It was very cold outside, so we had to cancel the trip to Frick collections, and we ended up spending the day at MET. It was alright trip, could be better… Anyways, the Warhol show Regarding Warhol 60 artists 50 years was pretty challenging and fun! The silver balloons of Andy were in the exhibit; of course I am like a freak standing there for 20 minutes and staring at moving silver balloons. I saw them in the pictures and documentaries about Andy Warhol, and all of a sudden there are real in front of me! Of course, I would spend that time just enjoying the fact that I can physically touch the balloons ahahaha ! It was fascinating! Faking IT was good, honestly I expected something more, yet I still like it. Especially the part where photographers just got to experiment with splitting human parts apart and playing with scale a la manipulating the images! Photomontage was impressive! Imagine there is no Photoshop, and those artist actually were working with dark room and films, some other “ancient” forms of photo printing and creating all that! It’s a huge advancement for that time in photography! Got to see Bernini, Sculpting in Clay exhibit! Seeing Master sculptor’s work is another kind of learning process, I think. I remember year ago I was so against sketching in the museums and galleries, but I guess I have grown, I did sketch a lot this time 😀 Yea, the inner artist is waking up, or I am becoming more open minded. I got to come to things on my own, or only certain people that somehow my consciousness considers as “the teacher” can make me change my mind, otherwise, I will be like “yes sure” and do my own way. Can’t help it! Thank goodness, there are still limited amount of people who can guide me when I am really stuck within the walls of my own skull. By the way, I helped with the organization of this trip to ArtDepartment! I designed the poster that you see in this post 😀 Oh Yea! and small ads for our college banner. We actually sold around 47 sits out of 55, so I felt like I was helpful!

with my poster desing at Plaza Gallery, Albany, NY

I have mentioned in my previous posts that my art work was chosen to represent my college at SUNY wide student show in Albany, NY! We went to the reception, but unfortunately this time we got lost with my friends, and when we got there only my instructor was waiting for us.. so we missed chancellor’s speech and taking pictures with her. Though it still was fun, we saw the show it was interesting mixture of skill levels and subjects. Oh well.. and I forgot to take picture with my mentor!  That sucked, otherwise it was fun and we got some pics taken, but the quality in some of them are bad.  Well here’s me with my peace beaming at the camera. Better something than nothing, yet Bukowski said ” I wanted everything or nothing”  hehehe Now I feel confused, which side to take. I definitely love Bukowski’s perspective!


Half-mere person Sculpted by Gulnar a la me at WSA 😀

I have looked up for some transfer colleges for future BFA. Found two completely new ones Montserrat College of Art and Boston University School of Visual Arts , and the same-old dream Cooper Union. I’ve been researching them for some time. Montserrat had a presentation at my college, so I got a portfolio review, my adviser actually suggested that college as one of the small and strong art colleges. I was told that I can get a merit based scholarship, which is great!!! Arts schools are the next place that I want to be for my BFA, but the circumstances sometimes gets so confusing! I have applied for Optional Practical Training. I think this will be a great opportunity to work in my field! I have been looking for graphic design jobs in the city, looks legit. I even checked internships at the MET! If I can get a good paid internship that will be cool! Please, Universe, please read these words! Oh good, I am waiting! :D 

 Oh, by the way if you have trouble reading like me, I come up with a new technique! Read a chapter for a day or a book or two per month! It does not have to be text book!!! I found it really helpful, because my brain is so hyper all the time, it just slows me down and helps to concentrate at reading. Just beware that first days it will be really hard, and seems very hard to concentrate, but then it’s just goes very smoothly. I start enjoying reading books! I real online mostly, but it’s so different to hold a book. I got a strange habit counting pages hehehe so it’s very cool and helpful!

So turns out my blogging online got noticed by two international student websites, and they have invited me to be a guest blogger for them. So I have wrote a post for one, and currently working on the second one. So let see if they don’t post it on their website I will post it here. I actually I  think I wrote a really cool ”survival tips” for students studying abroad 😀 It’s as it is, if they post it I will give you the link, if not here comes my own blog! I think I love blogging, it’s something that helps me to survive. My English definitely got better, because I spend time on writing! Wait and see my survival tips! :D 

Oh, meanwhile, I bought a new phone, this time fancy one. OK, being a student makes you live on a budget, so at some point some luxuries such as smart phones can’t be afforded.At least in my case. I bought one after years of thinking and saving, but turns out they have sent me 4GB memory, and I paid for 8GB. So sent the phone back, now waiting to get my new one and figure out the payment for that new one, which is more expensive, but I thought it worth it. It’s not iPhone however, but practically does everything that iPhone does… hehe I used Sony before, so I bought Xperia U, now changing to Xperia P. Let see what will happen this time… Oh well.. again no phone…

Btw I just started watching Avatar: the Last Airbender series… yea.. I am the one who watches everything the last. So don’t even laugh at me! I watched the movie , and then decided to follow up with the serees. It’s only 3 seasons, so I guess it will be fine. And My Grey’s Anatomy marathon is over, so now I am just waiting for new episodes every week which is such a drag.. anyways. Nothing can beat HOUSE MD, but that one is over.. OH well my all time love Gregory House! :D Anyways, I gotta go and do some homework. I have a documentary to prepare and shoot, a small essay to write and a proposal to make for my Videography and Editing class; a branding project which is my Advertising class assignment, we are rebranding our clients service, and reading for that class.. which I doubt.. I think I will not get to it today. I want to draw a little! 

OK Bye! See you soon. Turkey/Thanksgiving Holiday is next week, I guess I will have something to write about that 😀

Be inspired,


Written by

Welcome to my blog! I am Gülnar, an international student from Azerbaijan Republic. I am currently studying at SUNY Ulster where I obtained my A.A. in Fine Arts degree during the Fall 2011. Right now I am working on my A.S. in Advertising Design and Graphic Technologies degree. I plan to obtain my BFA and MFA. In fact I am a graduate of Azerbaijan University of Languages ( BA in American Studies), but at some point in my life everything has changed, and my career path as well. I am an artist/graphic designer/photographer. I live in upstate NY with my American family for the duration of my studies. I have many "likes & dislikes", so I am not going to count up all that in here :D, read my blog and you will see. I’ve chosen to keep this blog as I enjoy writing (yes, even in ENGLISH) besides art and sharing my observation & experience. I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do while writing it. Thank You!

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