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Made it

Posted on September 22nd, 2015 by Danielle Boxill

In the US of A on my campus with the first semester paid off! I’m on campus early because I’m a student athlete.  I get to know campus a lot earlier than the other freshmen and have 37 friends with the girls in the team before the term starts.

So I just want to really thank all of you, the ones who have been reading my blog posts however random  the times I publish them are.

This will be my second to last blog. I just want to let you all know where I have reached in my journey and what I am looking forward to. I am currently in my recently fully designed dorm. My walls are still sort of bare- but there is time for that. I have come to be comfortable in my new college home. I am finally an international student. My first semester is paid off, classes have begun and homework is in full swing.

The culture difference is a stark change- one that provides a challenge in the way I communicate with my classmates and teammates. The classes are really fun and thought provoking, it causes you to really wrestle with information and discuss it with your peers and professors. Being in this small school also allows me to easily feel like I know half the students.

My journey in college has just begun, one which will really shape who I am as a person.

So my advice to internationals? It will be a struggle, not just to pay for college but to connect with others. However it is an experience that can shape who you are as a person, how you see the world. Don’t just go for academic achievement- go for a positive lifestyle change that will guide you to your passions.


Oh! My ‘Trini’ expression of the day: Tabanca, I don’t know if I’ve used this one before in my previous blogs but this word is usually used when a couple just broke up and you have a feeling of extreme heartbreak. I sometimes feel like that when I miss my country and my family. But so I don’t end on a sad note here’s another, ‘Liming’ it means spending time with friends whether just sitting outside by a corner doing nothing in particular or going for a sports match. Limin’ with people on campus has really helped me to make connections and to learn about their culture, while they, in turn, learn about mine. 🙂


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