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Sources of Financing

Study Australia - Sources of Financing

Costs for higher education in Australia and generally all over the world continue to rise and many students are unable to support themselves. This section has been developed so that students can follow every avenue to obtain funding for their education. The main sources of funding are:

Own Country

Your home country could be a source of funding, either from organizations or companies or from your government. These are options you’ll want to investigate before you leave and some of the stipulations of funding might be that you have to return to your home once you have graduated, so bear this in mind when applying for aid.

International Organizations

There are several International Organizations, such as the Fulbright Commission that grant aid to students all over the world. Other such organizations who offer aid are:

Many of these require you to be in your home country when applying, so plan far in advance as they can be very competitive.

Australian Universities

Many Australian colleges and universities offer limited aid for international students through their financial aid offices. In general, there is much less money available for undergraduate study than there is for graduate study. Private institutions can sometimes discount or reduce the costs of tuition. Public institutions seldom have this option. You should request information about financial aid at the same time you request an application from the institution's admissions office. It may be possible for you to participate in a formal exchange between your home institution and the institution you wish to attend in Australia. You can get more information on such exchanges by contacting the international student offices or by contacting the corresponding office at your institution. This kind of person-for-person exchange can reduce expenses.

International Loans

There are loan programs available for students - see the finance section for more information.

Private Organization

Australian companies and organizations may provide funding for international students coming into Australia. Visit International Scholarships for more information and search the online database to find these awards.


The biggest source of income for international students is family. Parents and extended family are often willing to contribute money for your time abroad. It never hurts to ask!

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