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Work Permission and Other Practicalities

Study Australia - Work Permission

In order to work in Australia while you are a student you must have a student visa with work permission. The fee for obtaining both a student visa and work permission in Australia is A$575, and allows you to begin working as soon as your classes begin. Students studying in Australia under a student visa are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week, with unlimited hours during holidays. If you begin work before your classes start, or if you exceed the 20-hour-a-week limit, your student visa may be revoked.

For a student visa, you can apply online, in person, or by post. The process for each is slightly different. To apply online, you must first contact your education provider electronically to tell them that you have begun your course. Following this, you should allow at least an hour to allow for this information to be transferred into the department’s system. You should then check the charges for an application. Then you complete the online application and follow the prompts it will provide you with.

To apply in person or by post, you must have either a letter from your education provider confirming that you have begun your coursework, or the front of a Form 157P Application for a student visa with permission to work signed and stamped by your education provider. Check the charges for an application. You can pay by EFTPOS, credit card, money order, or bank check. You must then complete a Form 157P, then mail or deliver your application to your nearest departmental office.

Visit this page to learn more about the process of getting an Australian student work visa.

After You Have Your Visa

After you have a visa, you or an employer can view your visa information online using Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) . This allows you or someone that may need the information to access your immigration status.

Tax File Number

In order to work or open a bank account in Australia you must obtain a TFN (Tax File Number). Your TFN is confidential, like a social security number in the US, so keep your number secure. You are only issued one in your lifetime and it is used to file tax reports and important government documents.

If you work in Australia, you are required to file a tax return, which is tracked to your TFN. As an international student, you will likely receive a refund when you file your tax return. For more information on your potential tax refund visit; they can help you get the tax refund you deserve at an affordable rate. Part-time workers who have used’s services have received an average of AU$2600 back in tax refunds. Their team of professionals is dedicated to serving international students.

You can apply online for a TFN only if you are currently in Australia and you have:

  • A valid permanent migrant visa
  • A valid visa with work rights
  • A valid overseas student visa
  • A valid visa allowing you to stay in Australia indefinitely

Students who need to apply for a TFN should visit the Australian Tax Office. To apply, you'll need your name, address, date of birth, passport, date of arrival, and proof of enrollment in school.

You can also apply for your TFN online if you are a visa holder with work rights. When you apply online, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIACs) systems will verify your identity. Make sure that you keep a record of your receipt number.

Click here for more information on getting a tax file number.

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