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My Life by Laura Herrejón

Posted on August 8th, 2008 by admin

My name is Laura Herrejón, and I was born in the city of Monterrey about 19 years ago. Later on, at the age of 8, my family and I moved to the city of Querétaro, which has become my home for the last 11 years.
For my elementary and my secondary education, I attended the American School of the state of Querétaro which helped me a lot to learn about the cultural background of America. Later on, at 13, I participated in a foreign exchange program that allowed me to learn more about the American way of life. I lived in the town of Tomah, Wisconsin and stayed there for about eight weeks. Staying in Wisconsin with an American family gave me a hands-on experience of the American lifestyle.

After graduating middle school, I applied to the top high school in Mexico. I was accepted into the Tecnológico de Monterrey system. Since then, I became involved in many extracurricular activities, such as aerobics, spinning, yoga, gym, hawaiian dancing and volleyball. Also, the last semester of high school, I participated in a Model United Nations by representing the USA. I received an award for the Best Delegate out of the 400 participants. In this simulation I had to research, create resolutions, and speak in English the entire time. The process used in the simulation was entertaining and fun as well as educational. I was very proud of everything I accomplished.

Moreover, I have been studying French for the past three years, which will help me a lot for my academic and cultural development. Throughout the experiences I have lived, I learned to adapt to new cultures that came from people with different backgrounds; but all of this did not stop me from loving what I was doing. Sometimes it is worth the effort for the rewards received in every activity I do.
When I was studying my last year of high school, it occurred to me the idea to study in a different country to open my mind to new cultures in a deeper level. At first, I decided to study Accounting and as I researched more about the business world and education, I ended up choosing to study in the USA for my University Studies because of its great business atmosphere. I got admitted to several American Universities and decided to start my Higher-Education studies in Southeast Missouri State University.

Not long after studying in Southeast Missouri State University, I was being recognized for my effort in the University. I was given two diplomas for my placement in the Dean’s Honor List for the semesters of Fall 2007 and Spring 2008. Also, because of the same reason of obtaining high grades, I became a member of the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society and got a certificate for it. In addition, I obtained another different diploma which certified my participation as a treasurer for the International Student Association. In the same way, I received another certificate of recognition for being a member of the Association of Phenomenal Women. I really enjoyed being a part of the school activities and associations; I was actually also involved in the Student Activities Council which organized all the fun events around campus.

It was not until last March 2008 when I was offered a scholarship to study in Valparaiso University, a private institution located in the Northern part of Indiana. By consequence, I decided to take the scholarship and continue my college education there.

The diversity I have been exposed to has opened my eyes to different cultures and ways of thinking. I have faced many challenges, but I managed to pull through by patience, consistency, determination, vision and fun. Now, I am living my life in the USA, where I chose to develop and grow in a personal and educational way. Life becomes more intriguing now and, at the same time, more unpredictable. Having encouragement and knowledge about who I really am, university experience allows me to achieve more dreams, never forgetting to enjoy the process.

8 Responses to “My Life by Laura Herrejón”

  1. Jake Says:

    Laura this is quite a motivational story and it definitely inspires me. I love the fact that you are so ambitious to understand different cultures and to do so while achieving a formal education at the same time is pretty impressive.

    I am from the US, however I would agree the most powerful part of my educational experience was when I was studying in another country – Vienna, Austria.

    Every year international student enrollment increases both in the US and around the world and that is a wonderful thing. Many prospective international students around the world are seeking the experience you speak so passionately about so please continue sharing your insightful stories.



  2. Pedro Ramirez Says:

    Laura, es increíble lo mucho que tenemos en común. Aunque soy ciudadano americano por nacimiento, he vivido los últimos 18 años de mi vida en México. Mis papás, mi hermana y yo vivimos en el DF, en Guadalajara, y terminamos en Irapuato, Gto (muchos ni siquiera saben qué es Irapuato jaja). Ahí entré a la prepa del Tec de Monterrey. Llevé clases de chino los 3 años, tomé francés por mi cuenta en la Alianza Francesa (cada sábado durante 4 años) y también participé en un modelo de las Naciones Unidas, sólo que yo representé a Cuba (en secundaria) y a Brazil (en prepa, ¡y gané mejor delegado también!).

    Mi sueño siempre fue estudiar en California. Solo solicité admisión a una universidad en EU, USC. Llevó 10 semanas de clases como freshman en la Universidad del Sur de California. Todavía no lo puedo creer. La universidad está padrísima y también he conocido gente de todo el mundo, pero siguen surgiendo obstáculos y no dejo de extrañar México. Algo que ha hecho este cambio más fácil y difícil a la vez es que TODA mi familia se mudo a California este verano. Yo vivo en la universidad y mi familia está como a hora y media, pero los visito cada dos o tres semanas. El problema es que ya no tengo casa a la cual regresar en México. Bueno, obviamente iré a visitar amigos en cuanto pueda (la mayoría están estudiando en el Tec de Monterrey), pero mi hogar será aquí. Ha sido un cambio algo difícil, y todavía no me acostumbro a vivir en EUA… pero sé que tomé la decisión correcta al escoger USC.

    Fue por pura casualidad que me encontré con tu blog. Para mi freshman seminar nos pidieron que buscáramos blogs sobre temas que nos interesan en este momento. Encontré éste en donde relatas tus experiencias. Me sentí identificado.

    Gracias por compartir todo esto. ¡Suerte en Indiana!

  3. Laura Herrejón Says:


    Well, you can definitely understand me! You have travelled abroad and experienced so many things and it makes you expand your views of the world doesn’t it?

    I had the opportunity of visiting Austria this last summer… did you like it? It was so beautiful!!

    Thank you for your feedback! I get amazed every day of the people that actually read my blog!


  4. Laura Herrejón Says:


    Wow!! Si que tenemos cosas en comun! Me alegra muchisimo que hayas leido mi blog…ojala lo sigas leyendo eh? Echale ganas con la universidad, cada semestre se pone un poquito mas dificil pero el Tec nos enseña a trabajar bajo presión, si o no? Jaja…
    Bueno espero que sigas disfrutando la Universidad y que representes a los mexicanos en Estados Unidos de la major manera posible!
    Me alegra que hayas leido mi blog!!


  5. Marvin Says:

    Hello Laura,

    I just found your blog because I wrote a Test Paper in English today which was about it.
    At first I couldn´t believe that this website exists really but then my English teacher said that the text was from a real blog.
    In the Test Paper we had to write a comment to you…

    Maybe you want to hear it from me when the Test Paper will be corrected?

    Greetings from Germany,


  6. Laura Herrejón Says:

    Hello Marvin!

    I am so glad this blog helped you! How exactly was this paper about? I am very interested, please let me know how it went!

    Greetings from Mexico,


  7. Julius Aboko Says:

    I am a fresh graduate who studied mass communication. I need to get a scholarship to study masters abroad. My desirable area of study is the media. What do i do?

  8. Ipromisenotohurtyou Says:

    Great! you have something to tell your grandkids one of these days and I hate to tell u this… THEY WON’T CARE… I did all my studies in Mexico from primaria to universidad and I did not actually get my titulacion but somehow I ended up working for corporations like CONDUMEX, CEMENTOS TOLTECA, BANCOMER in Mexico then a moved right into ORACLE, PEOPLE SOFT, FORD in the USA and middle euro countries. I learned English and French and a little bit of Japanese. I worked for 30 years of my life and I understood the business world to a point that I though I new how to write my on ticket. But guess what I was wrong!!!!!!! I know you will not understand this at all… but that is OK. you shouldn’t… it is not your fault… Ce la vie!! Wait until you really find out what abroad means. Cuando te cases en diferente pais creyendo que perteneces ahi porque tu estudios te empujaron ahi. Educar a tu hijos en un lugar donde no tienes idea porque tienen que ellos acarrear con mis problemas de escuela. Divorciarte porque tu carrera te empujo ahi y tu pareja no entiende que tu eres una persona de objetivos fijos y claros. Divorciarte porque trabajaste muy duro para llegar ahi. Volverte casar para componer lo que no pudiste entender en primer lugar. Educar y ayudar a lograr los objetivos de tus hijos adoptivos and then they take off and do their thing. One don’t even want to school at all. Well… should I continue… or you can fill out the blanks… but, no te apures mon petty fille… you are doing great….

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