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Intramural Volleyball

Posted on October 6th, 2008 by Laura Herrejón

As I have mentioned before, being involved in school can really help to expand our views in life. About two weeks ago, I was invited to join a volleyball team that was going to be entering the intramural competition, and of course I accepted. I love volleyball and I used to play it when I was younger. In this team, I am playing with great friends, who altogether make of this team, an international one. My friends in this team are from different countries: Germany, Ecuador, United States, Turkey, Rumania, and of course… Mexico (me… :)!

We have played three games, and the first one was just a friendly one that did not count towards the real competition. The real first game that was taken into account was lost, but tonight we had our second game and we won! We went to three sets… because we had the opportunity to win the second set, but I in the match point to win, I missed the serve giving them an advantage and when they scored again, they won and we went to a third set.

It is amazing how cultures from all over the world can get together and find this on common, such as volleyball. We had some troubles in the court too… The Germans were speaking in their language, who knows what they were saying… I was talking in Spanish with my friend from Ecuador, and everybody was clueless about what we were saying…

It was a good time, and it was even better that people being raised by completely different cultures can find something that unites them… I have to say that I love this globalized world… it makes it seem like nothing is impossible anymore…especially the fact of winning a volleyball game by people from all over the world!

3 Responses to “Intramural Volleyball”

  1. sam Says:

    Hola amiga,
    I just absolutely love your blog. You do such a fantastic job. Your command of the English language is amazing. You write in English better than most people born and raised here. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your next blog. Keep having fun and experience it all but remember to take time for yourself. Solitude is a necessity at times.
    your fan,

  2. lucas carrijo Says:

    i am a graphci designer and also an advertiser hee in brazil. Im planning r=to go to NY to study advertising. Could you send me an e-mail so we can keep in touch? i would like to ask you if you knoew any good and cheap college in florida or in NY so i could apply?
    thanks anyway and take care!
    my e-mail is:

  3. Laura Herrejón Says:

    Hello Lucas!
    Well about your question, I have to say that my knowledge of graphic design is a little limited. I can tell you though that a website that really helpe when I was going through my research of colleges was There you can look for areas of the country, what majors, how much you would like to pay for tuition, etc. It is really a helpful tool. Check it out and hopefully it will help you.
    I have to say that I know some people that attended SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and absolutely loved it, and after gaduation found great jobs in their areas. Why don’t you check that University? Maybe their plan goes with what you are looking for.

    Good luck on your research for Universities!


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