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Thanksgiving in the United States!

Posted on December 1st, 2008 by Laura Herrejón

Lots of food… nice company…fun time….

Aren’t these not part of the experiences we face when we celebrate thanksgiving in the United States?

I have to say that I found myself surrounded by amazing people, making me feel so welcomed, and in a family setting, which sometimes is necessary being so far away from home. It has been about 3 months since I was home last and I sure miss it.

As an international student, I have found myself finding times when I miss my family and I miss home more than ever. Especially when everybody is saying “I’m going to go home, yeih! Tomorrow my dad will come pick me up…” and when they ask me: “What are you doing for this break? Are you going home?” I find myself wishing I could go back home as well, but it is not so easy being so far away.

I am grateful that I found myself in a place where hands have been reached to me for me to feel less homesick. For example, there is a program in the University called Friendship Families, where families invite the international students to have Thanksgiving dinner at their house. Another example is when professors and faculty call me inviting me to their homes as well. Just like this, the International Office and International Student Association organizes a dinner where all international students and anybody else who wants to come can celebrate together a dinner typical of the American holiday of Thanksgiving. In my case, this year I was surrounded by a great family. I had the opportunity to travel to Missouri and taste great foods, such as turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cauliflower/broccoli salad, strawberry jelly, pumpkin pie ( one of my favorites!), pumpkin cheese pie, cherry cheesecake, strawberry rhubarb, and delicious apple pie. I sure did eat a lot… I have to say that it is so much better than dorm food 🙂

I know for a fact that in Mexico, Thanksgiving as a traditional holiday is not celebrated, and by this same reason, it has started to grow on me the longer I live in the United States.

Being far away from home, can seem like a time where we miss out of a lot of our culture’s development. But what we forget and put to the side sometimes, is that we should take advantage of every experience that we face in our lives, especially as international students. In this case, we have to learn from the experience of Thanksgiving in the United States.

Thanks to all the people that make international students feel welcomed during the holidays! Thanks to the people that made me enjoy this thanksgiving, and that showed me fun a time! Also, thanks to the people that thought of me during the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving!

4 Responses to “Thanksgiving in the United States!”

  1. Uravashi Says:

    Hi friend

    I can understand your situation because i am also away from home. It is too hurting when somebody says that we are going to home. I has been six months when I went to home.

  2. Chéry Yvens Says:

    Il est un plaisir inaltérable pour moi de m’adresser à vous qui êtes les responsables du personnels de cette intitution,d’abord question de vous saluer dans le précieux doux nom de Jésus le sauveur du monde.
    Donc , le but principal de lettre c’est de vous faire une demande d’aide financière et bourse d’étude aux Etats unis.
    je termine mes études classiques dépuis l’année 2005, mais la situation dans laquelle mes parents vivent est difficile pour moi de continuer mes études.
    sur ce ,je m’adresse à vous de façon très spéciale comme des guides pouvant m’aider à la trouver plus facilement.
    Veuillez recevoir mes chers responsables, l’impréssion de ma demande.

  3. Nana Says:

    It is never easy being an international student. And the more information we have, the better we’ll fare on in our host countries. There are always trick and tips to make it. For instance
    And I believe, the more documentation of life in a strange country, the better life would be.

  4. Bobby Mountcastle Says:

    Great article with several useful ideas! I can’t say that I completely agree with everything you have written here, but there are several relevant information you have emphasized that can be quite useful on travel tips and related topics. Please continue offering more information on this topic and related matters, as there are plenty of people who are trying to get to know the pluses and minuses.

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