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Summer School?

Posted on April 6th, 2009 by Laura Herrejón

So far, I have never done any summer school in my life. I have to say that it sounds kind of boring, obnoxious and time-consuming.  The truth is that I will be able to accelerate my graduation if I decide to, and I can make up for the classes that I took when I was an accounting major that will not help me now that I am a Psychology major. I am actually very excited about summer classes. Sometimes we think, oh no I would have to stay in school, but maybe you have not considered the fact that sometimes you can take online classes and at the same time go back home. I decided I will take 2 online classes and one class on campus. I feel like concentrating on school is more important than anything else and I will still be able to go to Mexico. I just want you to consider that maybe summer classes is a faster way of getting ahead and sometimes even get rid of the classes we don’t want to spend much time on.


So, make up a plan and organize this summer to fulfill all of your goals (I know…. even if it doesn’t include taking summer classes haha :))

I am going to concentrate on getting my classes taken care of, get into an exercise routine, and who knows maybe trying to change the world? Give me ideas!


2 Responses to “Summer School?”

  1. Laura Herrejón Says:

    Hello Alan!
    thank you for your comment! It is definitely encouraging when one gets great comments like these! Keep posting!


  2. alex Says:

    thas very good for student on summer vacation.

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