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Thanksgiving in the USA

Posted on November 29th, 2009 by Laura Herrejón

Thanksgiving in the USA…a time to get together with family to have great Turkey and update on each other’s lives. But how about when you are an international student? Well, first of all my mom came over from Mexico and we just had a great time. Also I had the great joy of having my boyfriend’s family over, and in total we were 9 people. It was the best thanksgiving! As international students, sometimes we don’t’ have the privilege to have our family members over because of the cost, the time, and everybody’s schedules. For this, international offices in the University that you attend usually offer the opportunity to match you up with a family who would love to donate time to you and they would love to be people in the US that can call your family as well. 

Also, we can always cook dishes from our home country and try to show off our talents. This time I had my mom with me and with her help we figured out ways to make this dinner very enjoyable. Also, my boyfriend is very talented, he cooked the entire turkey! So, everything was great.

I would recommend celebrating this time with family and friends if possible, if not try to take advantage of this time to catch up on homework and get as much done as you can to have a boost up for the end of the semester!

2 Responses to “Thanksgiving in the USA”

  1. Tammy Marlette Says:

    Hi Laura,

    I hope I’m not being too forward in asking this but I have a homework assignment for my cultural communication class where I need to interview an international student living in the US about their culture shock experience living in the US. Would you be willing to help me out? It would just be a short questionnire and it would help me out immensely. Thanks so much for your time.
    Tammy 🙂

  2. Tania Wu Says:

    Hi Laura,

    I am also an international student from Chiapas, Mexico. I am an Economics major at UC Irvine graduating on summer 2011. After reading your blogs, I’ve noticed that I share with you plenty of the cultural experiences, GRE-cramming, and job-hunting difficulties that you so brilliantly describe in your blogs. Honestly, it is a great feeling to know that, although few, there are still other Mexicans out here doing such great job at representing our country. Keep up with the great work, and I surely hope that I can get to meet you one day.

    Tania Wu

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