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Trimester? Try ‘em, you’ll get faster!

Posted on January 24th, 2010 by Lindo Lindo

If you are studying in a university or college that is trimester-based, you have got to unleash the Superman in you. You have to be faster than a speeding bullet! A 10-week term seems so short, but the list of school work may compare to a long file of die-hard fans for a sold out U2 concert in Chicago. So many things to accomplished! Students better keep it up with the humongous amount of workload constricted to fit a in a 3 1/2 months(similar to a canister of sardines). That being so, avoiding procrastination and planning your activities should bring your student life on the fast track.

Remember those sheets of paper distributed by the professors on the first day of classes? The syllabus, defined as a summary outline of a discourse, treatise, or course of study or of examination requirements (, serves as a contract between students and the professor. The US, being an individualist leaning society tends to become explicit on this. Every class meeting is detailed. It is as if the course was a premeditated crime—the professors are the perpetrators and students become the victim. The chapters of the required texts for discussion, the dates of group presentations, the dates of events to attend, the dates of exams, the deadline of submission of papers and more are altogether indicated in the covenantal syllabus. The schedule has to be abode by, or else it may be a cause of the class’ failure. This is one characteristic though that I admire most among Americans that if other people would follow— should bring them to a more organized life.

To wrap this entry up, let me reiterate the importance of planning ahead, avoiding procrastination, and complying with the syllabus (Have a firm grasp of this paper; put keen attention into it). Religiously practice these and you will be a man of steel and sure to survive the kryptonic effects of the hectic student life. So don your tight-fitting blue suit with those red undies and cape, and fly up, up and away!

It’s a Bird … It’s a Plane … It’s Superman? … No… It is you meeting your deadlines!

Hey, don’t resort to literally flying your way through your professor’s office just to hand over those papers.

Lindo Lindo

9 Responses to “Trimester? Try ‘em, you’ll get faster!”

  1. Yogacharya Tapan Bose Says:

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  2. buy dsi r4 Says:

    Hey it is true and important to be in trimester system. We can get proper concentration on each subject of it and help to get good study level too. We have to cover some specified points and those are just divided. It helps a lot.

  3. DORTELUS Gilbert Says:

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  4. gregory amogma Says:

    who will help me study in the USA

  5. Levenson Badio Says:

    My name is Levenson Badio i’m a student of agriculture(2nd year in Haiti. I write u in the purpose of finding a grant scholarship to study because my school is distructed by an earthquake.

  6. Lindo Lindo Says:

    Levenson– Hello.Sorry to hear about your school.
    You can contact embassies in your country to find about scholarship opportunities in their respective countries. If you want to study in the US, the Fulbright Commission in your country may offer advising and give you information regarding US study grants.

  7. Alhassan Abdulai Says:

    Please mail me a notice whenever there is a chance to study in the USA,
    Thank U.

  8. Lindo Lindo Says:

    You can always try looking up for scholarships abroad on the internet. There are many sites that provide links to scholarship opportunities. They regularly update so you know which ones are still open for application and not. Google google!

  9. KARTHIKA Says:

    I am a student of Mechatronics from India.What are my chances of getting MS in an appropriate course related to Mechatronics?

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