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Two weeks in a snow!

Posted on January 17th, 2010 by Lindo Lindo

Yes, I am here. I have been walking on American soil over the past two weeks.  But as transitory my stay is going to be, a bond with the environment continues to grow, and every second seems more precious…

I am inhaling Naperville’s winter air;

I hear it whistle at night.

I see the divine bits of white flakes falling on my hands;

As it melts, I feel the beauty and grace of Above.

I step on cloudlike layers of ice crystals—shoeprints in the snow!

And I should not forget every angel I meet to school;

Smiling and greeting a sweet, “Hello?”, “How are you doing, buddy?”

And of course, “What’s up?”

What an outgrowth of happenstance, how sweet the encounter!

As I exhale, I communed with Nature…

North Central College is a heavenly haven for international students!

Well, let us talk about a few important things:

Bundle up, Bundle up!

The cold temperature was really the toughest thing to deal with at first.  For a student who came from a tropical country like the Philippines, it was like locking yourself inside a freezer! But hey, it doesn’t hurt to put one’s self in an Eskimo’s shoes?  Welcome to the cold, baby!

What the weather can do to your body is unimaginable. It comes to a point of not feeling your face, hands and other body parts. You do not even notice yourself having a runny nose! My fellow international students— make sure to prepare the necessary clothes for bundling-up when you plan to study in a Winter Wonderland country such as the US!(Well, some states aren’t)  But still, check the current weather of the place and have the necessary preparations. You can buy coats, gloves and hats at discount stores. I was just lucky to come at a time when post-holiday sales are on a rise. Whether we like it or not, we just have to weather the cold weather!(talk about playing with words 😛 )

Food Food Food Food Food Food Food Flood (Did you just say “Flewed?”)

Every meal equates to large servings. There is really a BIG difference in the amount of food that is served compared to what I used to eat in my country. One meal could take an hour or two for me to finish. “Food flooding!”

However, I just could not complain. Even though I could not finish the food and felt like throwing up some times, I would still push myself to consume everything to the last piece.  I would feel guilty because majority of the population in my country do not get to eat three times a day. If only I could preserve it, bring it back home and share it with my fellow countrymen…

Lindo Lindo

(I wanted to write more, but blog is about brevity.)

7 Responses to “Two weeks in a snow!”

  1. Study in Sweden Says:

    Hummm nice like it very much…Thanks for sharing views 🙂

  2. distance degree Says:

    I do know this was a very interesting post thanks for writing it!

  3. Bessma Shammas Says:

    Very nice, Lindo. I really liked the poem! Your description of the snow took me back to my first winter in the midwest and the first snowfall.

  4. mike01 Says:

    stay warm!!!!



  5. TOJO MICHEL Says:

    Hi Lindo Lindo

    I just want to tell you a little of the study in MADAGASCAR (Fianrantsoa).
    Here ,nowadays,we are in the winter.There is a big difference between your winter and ours since we are not situated in the same zone:you in a tempered zone and me in a tropical zone.

    It doesn’t put us out the winter because it is not too cold but sometimes it goes with little rain .In the case you want to come ,there is no need to buy a big pillower but a little clothes are enough for you.

    Lindo Lindo,I have a little curiosity about you,when is the summer in the USA and how studens learn while this?Otherwise,what are you doing as a study and finally,what is your faourite schoolsubject?

    See you soon and give my greeting for all students in USA


  6. Lindo Lindo Says:

    Hi, Tojo. Hello, Madagascar.

    Usually, summer in the US begins in May and ends in August. 🙂

    I’m a Broadcast Communication major. Aside from curriculum, I like taking courses in the field of theater and performing arts.

    Hope I can visit Madagascar someday!

  7. Lillia Kaib Says:

    muchas gracias es de mucha ayuda chicago informacion

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