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My last year…Marriage, Masters and Doctoral Degree…

Posted on January 26th, 2011 by Laura Herrejón

About 6 months ago now, I got married to an amazing man, who is everything I ever wished for. He is American and we are a perfect match. We met when he studied abroad in Mexico and was polishing his Spanish. Now, 5 years later, we got married and I could not be happier. Just one more story of how being an international student can change your life.

Just recently, something amazing happened. After years of pursuing my undergraduate degree and working hard, I finally graduated about a month ago. I graduated Magna cum Laude; with Honors in several areas but the best part of it all was my family feeling proud of me. During the middle of the graduation ceremony, the President of the University stood up and called my name, at first I was not sure he had said my name because this was all so surprising, but then I realized he did and I stood up immediately. Then, he continued by asking my family to stand up from amongst the people in the auditorium, and my dad, mom, brother and hubby stood up and the President started commenting how much he wanted to congratulate me for doing such an outstanding job while an undergraduate student and how everybody should give me and my family a round of applause. He talked for about 5 minutes but I was so nervous I can barely remember what he said. I was so excited and the entire moment felt so great, all of my hard work had paid off! I have now reached my next goal and I am very excited about it! ‘

I just got accepted into a program for Psychology that includes a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology… my perfect match! I will start classes in September and this is one of my last steps toward my final goal of becoming a Licensed Psychologist. For now, I am trying to find some scholarships I can apply to that could help pay for my graduate education and this will make the entire experience flow more smoothly. But for now, what I can say is that working hard pays off and that if you are an international student, keep working hard because you not only represent those in your country, but you also represent your family, and this makes a difference anywhere you go!

There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.

Napoleon Hill

One Response to “My last year…Marriage, Masters and Doctoral Degree…”

  1. Rabia Says:

    Hi there,
    Congratulations on achieving your goals, and all the best for your future endeavors. I really got inspired by your story. I am also in somewhat similar situation. I got married 6 months ago and moved with my husband to USA. I did my degree in educational psychology from back home and now want to build a career here, I am ready to study further if it requires me to. I did a lot of research but still I am confused about certain things. i was wondering if you could help me since you are in the same field.
    Waiting for your reply
    Best Regards

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