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A little bit of an award, and some hopeful news!

Posted on March 7th, 2012 by

Well, hello there!!! Found some “extra time” so decided to blog a bit.  In about 3 weeks period a lot of things has happened!
I have something BIG to announce :D.  So I just got a letter from the SUNY Chancellor  Nancy L. Zimpher that I was selected to be the recipient of 2012 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence! Here is a part of that letter, GOTTA SHARE! Not if I am bragging, it’s just for myself when I turn 100 I will come back and read it! 😛

 “Dear Gulnar,
 On behalf of the State University of New York, I am delighted to inform you that you have been selected as a recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence.
Nancy L. Zimpher
Chancellor ” 

Also, I am invited to the ceremony to celebrate it with the other recipients and family, friends/faculty/staff. So I am allowed to bring with me up to 4 people! Yay! This is very nice! 😀 Well, three spots are already taken in my mind, so gotta find number 4 and ask them all… Heh, the ceremony time is like Wednesday in April, so I hope people whom I am gonna invite can make it! Another strange feeling when I opened the letter: I read it and then I am like “OK” … I spend that much time applying and all that paperwork process and excitement, but then waiting process somehow reduced my excitement. (Even though Andy Warhol says “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting” ) So I read the news, and reacted like after a while lol when it sunk in..LOL I guess I just can’t believe at first and then I accept the “reality”  Oh, well strangely every day I discover something new about myself ! We are in a constant change! Thank goodness! 😀

I guess I have some “hope” news from Cooper Union. Well I got the answer from the Cooper Union.. it’s so strange, because I was expecting either YES or NO, but apparently Cooper has one more option such as MAYBE 😀 meaning a second chance I would think.. Well I read about this option, but did not think that it can happen to me. So I was rejected acceptance for the Early Decision admissions, yet my application and portfolio is going to be reevaluated during the Regular Admissions process. The feeling was really strange when I received the decision. So just because I have been waiting for it for so long, and checking mails  almost several days in a row starting from the February 2nd, and because I did not know if the letters were out or not , thus  at some point I stopped waiting, strange I know.. and I told my host family if they see the mail just to open it for me. Well, they suggested to bring it to school when they receive in the mail, but I think there was no point doing so. I got my answer via text heheh.. not bad, it was strange because I got rejected but at the same time was given a second chance. Well now it’s time to wait a bit longer and hope to be accepted.  At least I felt a little better that my application was noticed!  It’s pretty sweet to know it after all that intense work on those projects. I know it’s strange, but getting a second chance from CU is worst to mention. Well I really hope and believe that I still have a chance!

So the next news is YES YES YES! I got to the SPRING 2012 ALBANY Show!! Woohoo! I was so happy, Though I thought somehow we missed the opening, because I got the email that my piece was selected and the show was like open already for a week or so…but my instructor said that there probably will be some public reception.. I hope to repeat the fun from last semester’s reception, But anyways I might go to see and take some pics for myself if we won’t get there officially  😀 ..who knows when.. God knows how..  UNIVERSE I need to get to ALBANY please help me out! Sending positive thoughts and energy with my request, and now time to wait!

So because I don’t know the second chance results from CU, now I am gonna try to apply to some other schools to see how much scholarships I can get. I wish education was FREE, why it’s not I wonder…

I am going to apply for the WSA (Woodstock School of Art) Merit scholarship for the summer! They have incredible studios and local artist teach there! I have been there last summer and had a great time learning printmaking and watercolours, and I really want to continue it this summer as well! I am applying for the sculpture and printmaking classes to see which one I can get in. I really love both, but they let students take only those classes that are offered currently.

Finally I am back to myself, I was like so scattered last weeks, so much to do but now I am getting better in organizing my schedule. Trying to stick to the schedule that  I write daily  and weekly. I shall say it’s very tough, because I always miss doing something ;S makes me sad! So many thing to concentrate on.. literally A LOT! 😀 Not if I am complaining, it’s just strange that I am trying all that at once.

We are getting close to the Slate Magazine submissions deadline, which means that production period is approaching shortly! I am so excited this semester about the Slate, because I am gonna make it look a bit more like a book. I suggested to the Slate’s faculty advisor, and he said it’s strange that I said it because he was thinking about that too ! So I said great minds think alike xD hahaha I am very much inspired and pumped about this magazine project!!! I invited those students to the production that I think are good and have some experience with graphic design!  I tried to arrange a meeting today, so we can all get together and discuss the deadline, As usually the meetings looks productive, BUT WE GOTTA WORK ON THE PROJECT! The Deadlines are so close!!!  I shall say this semester we MUST publish it before the official graduation.. So the distribution process will be easier.

About my second graduation, I am gonna stay one more semester to do some more studies, With WebDesign  and more other classes! (but it all depends on my letter from CU) There are so much to learn!!!! I will most probably study to the last day of my life, at least I know that my goal  so far is Master’s Degree. I just love studying!! Of course, it gets tough after a while, especially with the age … brain starts dying, hard to memorize and stuff, but I am not 25 yet, so I am still growing heheh:P Plus I have hope that soon scientists will discover the gene of aging, and we can easily get rid of it and live young and stay smart forever 😀 at least I want to hit 100 years old, and have all those 100 candles on my bday cake!

OK, enough goofing, I am right now racing with my friend to see how many homework and activities we can accomplish this evening! We report every done homework/ activity to each other and get points! This is how I am trying to solve our Facebook distractions, so now we have a  goal to reach, and everyone wants to win of course ( I do at least ) 😀 So this is my second activity to be done, then I have two presentations, some sculpture projects to finish, and still get something in between done!!!

I will be back with new postings soon! I know I promised to write about VAC, I will .. I will I just need to organize things and write about them!! It’s going to be in a chronological order hehehe I guess… maybe not! Who knows!

Thanks for reading my blog if your rich to this point, here’s something inspirational for you: today my chocolate inspiration was “ Dare to Dream” I AM! DO YOU ?

C U soon!

Gulnar B.

Written by

Welcome to my blog! I am Gülnar, an international student from Azerbaijan Republic. I am currently studying at SUNY Ulster where I obtained my A.A. in Fine Arts degree during the Fall 2011. Right now I am working on my A.S. in Advertising Design and Graphic Technologies degree. I plan to obtain my BFA and MFA. In fact I am a graduate of Azerbaijan University of Languages ( BA in American Studies), but at some point in my life everything has changed, and my career path as well. I am an artist/graphic designer/photographer. I live in upstate NY with my American family for the duration of my studies. I have many "likes & dislikes", so I am not going to count up all that in here :D, read my blog and you will see. I’ve chosen to keep this blog as I enjoy writing (yes, even in ENGLISH) besides art and sharing my observation & experience. I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I do while writing it. Thank You!

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    I informed the staff, I hope they will fix it. Thanks for letting me know.

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